Tutorial: Candy Cane Ornament

So today was Hazel's and my first day of school for the year. We are doing the parent/child class called Bachelor Buttons at the Cape Ann Waldorf School. This is the school we are planning on sending Hazel to through 8th grade. So I took a picture right before we left for school.
She had her Red Sox backpack (she doesn't know who the Red Sox are, but it was a gift ages ago and I recently pulled it out for her) packed with her slippers and gifts we made for the teachers. Ducky of course had to come as well, though he sat on a shelf watching the class while we were inside. We had a good first day meeting new friends and getting back into the rhythm.

Now I know fall hasn't officially started so I don't usually like to think too far ahead to Christmas (besides buying a few gifts here and there when I see something for someone), but many years ago a friend gave me some ornaments that looked easy to make and by easy in my mind = easy enough for Hazel to make. So while out today I bought the supplies and made one myself to figure it out. Then I had Hazel start one. She didn't finish it yet, but definitely can do it with some help.

So on to the tutorial to make a candy cane ornament.

Supplies you need are two colors (or three if you want to be really fancy) of the tri beads (the ones with 3 little circles on ends and they fit together when strung) and a pipe cleaner (I used white to make the clear beads look white).

1) Cut the pipe cleaner to the size you think you will want for your pipe cleaner. I would say between 4 and 6 inches. Bend one end a small bit up to get rid of the sharp point.
2) Using the unbent end, string the beads on alternating your colors until it is full except a small piece to bend on the other end.
3) Shape your candy cane.
4) Hang it on your tree or decorate a gift with it.

As you can see from the pictures Hazel only needed a little assistance with the stringing. I bent the end to start it for her and will shape it in the end.

I figured we can make these as gifts from Hazel for everyone so now we can make a few each week and we will have more than enough by Christmas.