Play blueberries

We had a busy morning. Hazel and I made banana blueberry pancakes for breakfast and then it was off to Founder's Day, our town's celebration of when it was founded and basically all the schools and local organizations day to fundraise with raffles, games, and food. Hazel had a blast.

A simple "homemade" toy to make. Hazel loves blueberries and she loves playing with her kitchen toys. As I looked at an empty carton from blueberries I came up with this. Buy wooden unfinished beads (I bought two different sizes for variety) and paint them blue then put in a cardboard blueberry container.
Unfinished beads in container
To paint them I put them in a gallon plastic bag and poured some of Hazel's tempera paint. Then sealed the bag and shook and rubbed. Then dumped them onto wax paper to dry. Very easy and little mess. Try to make sure they aren't touching so you won't have any stick together.
Drying "blueberries"
Finished Product
We had a discussion about not eating them since they can be choking hazards for small children. I think I got it through her head that they cannot go in her mouth since they are pretend blueberries. Another easy kitchen craft is to buy the wooden eggs at a craft store (Michaels AC Moore, etc.) and put them in a cardboard egg carton. I saw this at Hazel's school and loved it. I saved an egg carton and put the eggs I had already bought for her in. I need to buy more to have a full dozen though. At the school she loved taking them out and putting them in.