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Today I have to take Hazel to the doctor's. She has been complaining her teeth/gums hurt and all of her teeth have been there since February. Now she is experiencing cold symptoms, so we are going to get it checked out. I also have a few errands to run, and I bribed Hazel into going to the doctor's and behaving by saying I would take her to my mother-in-law's if she does. We'll see. She has been very needy this week and has not been napping except an hour yesterday, so I could use the break.

As a  result, today I'm going to play catch-up in my life, but I thought I would share what some of my favorite bloggers are posting and crafts I hope to do soon. (Today I'm hoping to work on Hazel's quilt and sew her Michaelmas dragon.)

First for more information about how Waldorf families celebrate Michaelmas visit The Magic Onion's Discovering Waldorf post yesterday. I love her blog and it is always so informative and inspiring. Also check out Celebrate the Rhythm of Life!'s post today. Lots of information on Michaelmas including Steiner's view.

Second, another favorite blog, April's Homemaking has pictures of her adorable dragon bread, recipe for potato soup and a contest! She is giving away The Knight and the Dragon by Tomie dePaula. A great book with a somewhat Michealmas theme.

Silly Eagle Books has a list of "scary" books for young children. Ok, not really scary, but good for the month of October.

One Artsy Mama is having a Fall Crafting Contest. Her third theme is Pumpkins. Which is my theme for next week, so I can't wait to see what people do.

Classified Mom has two crafts I want to try. Spider and Web and Painting Palm Pumpkins.

Boredom Busing Mommy has a recipe for Pumpkin Playdough. I can't wait to make some for next week.

Tippytoe Crafts has a neat way to paint with acorns. We are definitely going to try this next time we are painting.

Adventures of Alex O & Co has a great way of making a little person using wooden blocks and pipe cleaners and wool. It gives the bendy dolls a little more substance.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog. You have a lot of amazing projects on your site. I'm glad I found your blog!


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