Things we have been making

Some clothespin dolls we made awhile ago.
Here are a few crafts Hazel and/or I have been making lately that we haven't shared. It is a mix of all sorts of things.
 To start I will share my needle felted turtle. I used the instructions from the book Wool Pets by Laurie Sharp.

Needle felted turtle
Next is my needle felted toadstool. I followed the tutorial at The Magic Onions (a blog I find so inspiring). Her tutorials are so well written and easy to follow.

Preview of Quilt This is the quilt pattern and fabric I won from Sew Happy Geek. I still need to finish the pattern and am thinking of expanding it to make a bed quilt. I love how it is turning out and love the colors.
Bendy Halloween Dolls I followed the tutorial on The Enchanted Tree. She has many to inspire you in her store as well!
Happy Monday!!