About Me

Hi, and welcome to Crafty Moms Share! I am Carrie and want to share a bit about me and my blog. I am a mother, wife and child of God. I have one daughter who is almost a teenager and looks like one. We also have two cats. I am a former high school math teacher turned homemaker. Crafty Moms Share is a place for me to share the things I love and find helpful as well as great books for kids and adults because I do believe reading is important. If I share a product it is because I truly believe in it and want to share the goodness with you. I love making things and being creative. I find it is important to my life. I will share crafts to do with and for kids as well as crafts I just enjoy for me. I love paper crafts, quilting, sewing and knitting among other things. I also am in love with the adult coloring books. 

I have a love of multicultural and diverse things. I am a co-host and book reviewer of the Multicultural Children's Book Day and a member (and past board member) of Multicultural Kid Blogs. In my past life I advised diversity clubs as well GSA (Gay Straight Alliance). I will share many diverse things and try to look at different cultures and holidays throughout the year. 

In these difficult times I think we need to help one another and share what works with one another. I hope you will take you time to read through my posts and please consider following me. Crafty Moms Share is a small blog and that is how I like it. I don't want to take money from companies that I do not believe in so I do not accept advertising. I love knowing that my ideas are being heard. 

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