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Religious Books for Different Ages

Disclosure: I was sent these books to review free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

Today we are going to share with you some wonderful religious themed books for different ages. This post will also include three Hazel's Corners! The first is Princess Prayers by Jeanna Young, Jacqueline Kinney Johnson, and Omar Aranda. This a sparkly book filled with prayers for various times of day and different events for your little princess.

Irish Tea Party with Book Review

Disclosure: Candlewick Press gave me a copy of this book free of charge to review. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

For March we thought we would explore Ireland as St. Patrick's Day is in March (this Friday). We also received a book to go along with our exploration of Ireland that I will share here. Yesterday New England was hit with Winter Storm Stella, so it was the perfect day to have a tea party. Hazel and I both had a snow day while poor Steve got the overnight shift and went in early so he would not have to drive during the worse of it.

Sharing Saturday 17-9

It is time for Sharing Saturday!! This is a link party to share all of your child-oriented crafts, crafts made for kids, activities and lessons as well as your parenting and/or teaching posts.

On Sunday night we also host Crafty Weekends for all your crafts (done by any age), patterns, and craft product reviews! It is the perfect place to share your creative side!! And for all of your cultural posts come share them at the monthly Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop.

Thank you to everyone who shared with us at our last party! It was full of many great ideas, crafts, lessons and more!! There are ideas for celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday, Lent, Easter and St. Patrick's Day and more! Our features are just a sampling of them so if you haven't checked them all out, you should! This week we have three groups of features: Book, March & Holiday, and Crafts Features.

Sewing a Spring Dress -- Butterick Pattern #4176 -- Crafty Weekends Review and Link Party

This link party is for crafts done by people of all ages!!
So on the Tuesday before St. Patrick's Day, Hazel school sent home the message that Thursday would be green day. The kids could wear something green instead of their uniforms. Hazel of course wanted to but she doesn't have green clothes. I spent Wednesday afternoon before I picked her up and after I worked looking for something cheap and green, but unfortunately I did not find anything. I decided to make her a green spring dress from a really easy pattern I have used before, Butterick B4176.

Sharing Saturday 15-10

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Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week!! There were so many great ideas. I had a hard time choosing features, but with all the snow outside, I am ready for spring. So my features this week are Rainbows and St. Patrick's Day and a few of My Favorites. Be sure to check back at last week's party for even more in these themes. This is just a sampling.

Sharing Saturday 15-9

Congratulations to Lori H. for winning the Winter Wonderful DVD Giveaway!

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Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week!! I was once again blown away by all the great ideas shared! If you have not had a chance to check them out, I highly recommend you do. My features this week are March Holidays, Artists and Some Favorites.

St. Patrick's Day Crafts

Have you entered my current giveaway yet?

This year we have not done much for St. Patrick's Day. (Sorry to my late Irish grandmother.) However when we went to the library on Thursday they had a free St. Patrick's Day craft set up. It was an easy paper plate hat. While Hazel made one I made three (one that Hazel insisted we bring home and two for some of the librarians to wear). The next day Hazel made another one while her friend made one since the craft had not been cleaned up and we had all been there for a free puppet show.

This is Hazel's first one. She started to copy what I did on the ones I was making but had some very creative ideas of her own.

This is the one Hazel insisted we bring home that I made. To make these you cut almost a full circle out of the paper plate center and fold it up then decorate. The librarians provided the cut out shamrocks, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, curling ribbon, sequins and silver sparkly pom poms and markers, glue and scissors. We had a lot of fun. 

Here is the one Hazel made on Friday. She did not put as much time into it, but she likes it just the same.

We have also been enjoying some St. Patrick's Day and Irish books. Here is a collage of books we have read this year and/or last year. I realized earlier this month I never shared the books we read for last year's St. Patrick's Day, so I'll share them now.

  • Leprechaun Tales by Yvonne Carroll
  • The Leprechaun in the Basement by Kathy Tucker
  • Too Many Leprechauns by Stephen Krensky
  • The Irish Cinderlad by Shirley Climo
  • Daniel O'Rourke by Gerald McDermott
  • Fair, Brown and Trembling by Jude Daly
  • The Luck of The Irish by Brendan Patrick Paulsen
  • St. Patrick's Day by Gail Gibbons
  • A Fine St. Patrick's Day by Susan Wojciechowski
  • That's What Leprechaun's Do by Eve Bunting
  • Finn McCoul by Brian Gleeson

I also wanted to provide you with the crafts we have done for St. Patrick's Day in the past.

Finally, last March as part of Around the World in 12 Dishes, we "visited" Ireland. Here are the Irish Recipes we made.

For more fun St. Patrick's Day crafts, recipes, and activities check out:

Sharing Saturday 14-9

Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week!! There was a little technical problem on the part of Linky Tools and I apologize for it. Apparently they were upgrading there servers and had a hard drive crash. It was the one with the images for the linky parties. Of the three back-ups only one was good and it did not include anything from 2014. Thus why all the images for the Linky Tool link parties for 2014 are gone. However the few that linked up after this issue still have their image and all the links still work. However I did still pick many features to share with you and highly suggest you check out some of the great ideas even without the pictures.

Large Chenille Stem Animals

Have you entered my current giveaway yet? Please do!!

I bought a couple of packages of those really large and furry chenille stems on clearance awhile ago. We decided to make some animals with them. I made some bunnies, a duck and a frog.
Then Hazel made some snails (with a little help) and a bracelet (that I think started as a duck or bunny).
We also made some shamrocks, since this was pre-St. Patrick's Day. We discovered the extra large ones didn't work as well as the next size down for shamrocks.

To Catch a Leprechaun...

Well, I think I am finally having my dear grandmother, Hazel, smiling down at me. She is the one who provides me and Hazel with a bit of Irish blood. Hazel and I have been reading some Irish stories and we decided to make a leprechaun trap. Now I got the idea for this and the rainbows Hazel colored from DLTK. We of course gave it our own twist. 

We found a squarish box and covered it with green construction paper. We left a hole for an opening on top. Then we began decorating. While decorating we also made a ladder out of gold pipe cleaners and I got the idea of adding some signs. We decided to call it End of the Rainbow Inn. Then I also made a sign saying "Leprechauns Welcome". You can get the signs at  Leprechaun Trap Signs
We put some cottony fluff inside so the leprechaun will have a soft place to stay. We covered the hole with green sparkly ribbon looking a bit like a rainbow shape. Hazel is so excited to catch a leprechaun. She keeps asking if there are any in our town and what do you think it will say. 

I bought some chocolate gold coins to put in it and I think I will make her a leprechaun--either a peg doll or needle felt or bendy. I haven't decided which yet. She cannot wait to check it on St. Patrick's Day. We also tried the cupcake leprechaun that we say over at I HEART CRAFTY THINGS. We also made one with a paper plate. We put the cupcake liner one on our trap and will hang the paper plate one up as a decoration. We are thinking tomorrow will be another fun day of baking some Irish soda bread and learning more about Ireland.

Oh, we also planted some shamrocks or clover. We bought a package the other day, so I doubt they will grow in time for St. Patrick's Day, but Hazel loved planting them.

Rainbows, Spring and St. Patrick's Day

So as I stated the other day, we are ready for spring. We have been busy thinking about spring crafts and putting away our winter decorations. Today I am going to focus on a couple rainbow crafts we have done. After all, rainbows seem to say spring as well as St. Patrick's Day. 

The first one I saw on I Can Teach My Child. We changed it a bit by using wooden beads, white clay and adding a sun coming out of the clouds.

After making this craft, I decided to make Hazel a needle felted picture of a rainbow. I took a piece of white wool felt and needled a light blue roving all over it for the background.
Then I added the rainbow using small amounts of each color. After the rainbow, I added some clouds and tried to make them three-dimensional and added a bit of grey to the white in them. And of course I added some sun, so it would be like the craft we did together. Now to find a place to hang it.

Popsicle Stick Puppets

Ok, I couldn't leave today without some toddler fun--so here it is!!

Hazel brought me one of these puppets we made back in November and asked if we could make some more. I of course said yes since they were mostly Christmas themed back then. So this morning before she went to Nonni's house for the day, we made some.
Hazel's Princess
To make them you glue a popsicle stick across a tongue depressor stick and then decorate with felt clothes and draw on a face. Then we decorate them with yarn for hair and glitter glue and ribbons, etc. Hazel wanted to make a princess. I cut the dress for her and she did the gluing and cut the yarn herself. Oh, and I cut a crown for her princess. Unfortunately, our fingers and other things kept hitting the glitter glue and thus smudging it. She also got the hair over the face I drew on it. Oh, well. It is her creation.

I made a leprechaun and an Easter Bunny. I even gave my Easter Bunny an Easter egg to be sure it was the Easter Bunny.
These are a simple craft to do with a toddler that can be played with some more.

Now that Hazel is gone I have been catching up on reading my magazines. I am loving the latest issue of Country Living. The craft section has some great Easter ideas. Unfortunately my favorite ones did not make their website so you will have to wait until we try them or put our spin on them.

Now I'm off to knit and rest before I have to go to work tonight. Hope you are having a great day!!

St. Patrick's Day Cards and More Spring Fairies

Our First Spring Bulb Has a Flower!
Today we decided it was time to make the St. Patrick's Day cards to mail to our family. I am part Irish--Hazel is named after my Irish grandmother and her godmother is Irish, so we will do a small celebration for it.  I bought her a shamrock plant at Trader Joe's the other day. We took some of the shamrocks off to paint with them.
The prints did not come out exactly as I had planned, but we tried.
Then we decorated with stickers and we stamped the insides with a Happy St. Patrick's Day stamp.
Hazel wanted to do a rainbow on one, so I gave her some heart stickers for it.

And the insides:
Yesterday at school the teacher had a beautiful bendy doll fairy that was much smaller than what I have made, so I tried some. If you don't know what a bendy doll is there are several tutorials around. They are made of pipe cleaners wrapped with embroidery floss and usually a wooden bead for a head and more embroidery floss or yarn for hair. The tutorial I first used is at The Enchanted Tree. I still need to add some wings to my fairies, but thought I would share them anyway.

Spring Fairies and a Leprechaun

Today is the last day to enter my second giveaway. There are some amazing entries over at Sharing Saturday. Please go check them out and get inspired, and feel free to share your newest creations and ideas while there.

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