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Rainbows and Spring Hares/Bunnies

Disclosure: I was sent these books to review free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.  Some of the links are affiliate links where I will receive a small percentage of any purchases made through them at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Crafty Moms Share!

Last week Punxsutawney Phil and Massachusetts official groundhog, Ms. G, saw their shadows so apparently there are six more weeks of winter and if today is any sign they will not be nice weeks of winter. We have snow with blizzard warnings and requests to stay off the roads. This makes me want to think about spring (and somehow this time of year always gets me thinking about spring no matter what the winter weather has been). Today I am going to share with you two new books perfect for thinking about early spring and nice weather. The first is My Color Is Rainbow by Agnes Hsu an Yuliya Gwilym.

Princess Rosie's Rainbows -- Book Review

Disclosure: Wisdom Tales Press gave me a copy of this product free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As in all my reviews I am providing links for your ease, but receive no compensation.

Today I get to share a wonderful new book from Wisdom Tales Press. It is being released October 7, 2015. Princess Rosie's Rainbows by Bette Killion and illustrated by Kim Jacobs is a beautiful book and story about a princess who lives in a magical kingdom but is only happy when there is a rainbow in the sky. Her parents want her to be smiling all the time and offer a reward for the person who can give her a forever rainbow. None of the rainbows do it until a wise teacher comes to share a secret with the princess.

Sharing Saturday 15-17

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Thank  you to everyone who shared last week!! Once again I am amazed by all the great ideas! These features are just a sampling of the posts shared. I hope you will go and check them all out! This week our features consist of  Gardening and Bees, Booking Across America, and Some Favorites. 

Sharing Saturday 15-12

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Happy Spring! Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week and a very special thank you to all who took time to be inspired by what others shared! Once again I feel there were so many amazing ideas shared. As spring begins here, there is a light snow flurry. I am so ready for spring and no more snow!!  For features this week we have Spring Holidays, Spring, and a few of my favorites.

Sharing Saturday 15-10

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Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week!! There were so many great ideas. I had a hard time choosing features, but with all the snow outside, I am ready for spring. So my features this week are Rainbows and St. Patrick's Day and a few of My Favorites. Be sure to check back at last week's party for even more in these themes. This is just a sampling.

Sharing Saturday 15-9

Congratulations to Lori H. for winning the Winter Wonderful DVD Giveaway!

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Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week!! I was once again blown away by all the great ideas shared! If you have not had a chance to check them out, I highly recommend you do. My features this week are March Holidays, Artists and Some Favorites.

Sharing Saturday 15-8

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Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas with us last week. There were so many great ideas!! Please make sure you check them out. I am only featuring a few of the amazing ones. This week we have been dealing with the incredible amount of snow and have had my 12-year-old nephew visiting. Part of the week was spent at my parents so they could see both of their grandchildren. Since they live on Cape Cod, they have about half the snow we do. Here are some pictures for you to get the idea of what they have. These pictures are of the same beach. The Cape Cod Bay has snow on it!

Ok, back to Sharing Saturday. This week I chose Creative/Engineering Play, Books with Activities and some Favorites. I will admit that some of the favorites are because of my strong desire for winter to end!!

Sharing Saturday 14-12

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Thank you to everyone who shared with us last week and to those who went to visit the many amazing posts! I know I was inspired by the many that were shared! Here are a few of my favorites.

A Few of My Favorites

1) From For the Children: Preschool Construction Measuring Up

2) From Buggy and Buddy: Flower Crafts for Kids: Textured Tissue Paper Flowers

3) From Like Mama ~ Like Daughter: O is for Owls and Ocean

4) From For the Love of Spanish: Arco Iris Activities & Free Printable

5) From Buggy and Buddy: Easy Art Projects for Kids: Splatter Paint and Tape Resist

6) From Enchanted Homeschooling Mom: Charlotte's Web Storybook Decorations for Your Family Dinner Table

7) From Living Montessori Now: Montessori Monday - Montessori Inspired Sewing Activities

8) From JDaniel4's Mom: Easter Game - Egg Toss Bottles

9) From Sparkling Buds: Flashback Friday's: 3-D Palm Art

Thank you to everyone who shared last week!! I hope you will join us and share again!! If you are featured here, please feel free to grab a featured button to display proudly on your blog. 


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This week we shared a simple St. Patrick's Day craft and Round-Up of all our past St. Patrick's Day crafts and activities, our Iceland post for Around the World in 12 Dishes, our second Virtual Book Club for Kids March post by sharing Hopper Hunts for Spring, we reviewed The Octonauts and the Sea of Shade book by Meomi and are giving one away an Octonauts DVD  and we explored raspberries for our fruit exploration this week!

Don't forget to enter my giveaway for the fun Octonauts DVD!!

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Welcome, Spring!! Spring Craft Round-Up

What comes to mind when you think spring? There are so many wonderful parts to spring. The weather gets warmer; the flowers bloom; the world seems to wake up and then there are all the animals that return. Since spring officially began today at 12:57 p.m., I thought we would do a round-up of my spring crafts, activities and books so far on Crafty Moms Share. I will do an Easter round up another time and I did a Lent round up a couple of weeks ago.

Song Inspired Activities

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Today I am going to share some activities we have come up with to go with Daria's song, Beautiful Rainbow World. I considered doing some rainbow crafts, but since we did them at the beginning of each spring, I thought we would go a different route. The song itself refers to the rainbow of skin color that makes the world beautiful, but since we have already done some skin color activities, I thought we would focus on the idea of the world being colorful. Our first idea was to look at food. We started with fruit and arranged a rainbow of them. 
We talked about vegetables, but never got them all together for it. 

Next we went for a walk in our neighborhood and looked for flowers and plants in the rainbow colors. We found that one of our neighbors had all the colors in one garden (see the above picture) and we found many more of the colors throughout our neighborhood.
Our next activity we tend to play when we are driving or out and waiting near a street. We look for all the colors of rainbows in cars and trucks. Purple is by far the hardest to find followed by orange and yellow. We have however found all the colors on at least three occasions. I however did not take pictures. Sorry!

Finally on another walk around our neighborhood, I gave Hazel a sheet to record the flower colors she saw. I gave her rainbow smiley face stickers and she had a blast. The red filled up the quickest followed by the yellow. Then I think she started just filling up the columns for blue and purple at the end. My plan was to use the graph for some of the other ideas we have had--cars, fruit, food, birds, etc. We just haven't done them again. If you are interested in a blank copy of this graph you can download it here.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful rainbow world we live on each day!!

VBCfK: The Rain Came Down

Here is a quick educational activity to go along with David Shannon's book, The Rain Came Down. David Shannon is the author of the month for the Virtual Book Club for Kids. Last week we shared a simple activity to go with Duck on a Bike.

Rainbows, Spring and St. Patrick's Day

So as I stated the other day, we are ready for spring. We have been busy thinking about spring crafts and putting away our winter decorations. Today I am going to focus on a couple rainbow crafts we have done. After all, rainbows seem to say spring as well as St. Patrick's Day. 

The first one I saw on I Can Teach My Child. We changed it a bit by using wooden beads, white clay and adding a sun coming out of the clouds.

After making this craft, I decided to make Hazel a needle felted picture of a rainbow. I took a piece of white wool felt and needled a light blue roving all over it for the background.
Then I added the rainbow using small amounts of each color. After the rainbow, I added some clouds and tried to make them three-dimensional and added a bit of grey to the white in them. And of course I added some sun, so it would be like the craft we did together. Now to find a place to hang it.

Snowball Fight (Indoors) and weather related crafts

Well dear sweet Hazel has really been wanting to have a snowball fight and to make a snowman, but Father Winter has not been successful this year in letting it happen. (Though we may get some this weekend.) I decided to make her some indoor snowballs. This idea came to me when I made a needle felted wool ball to put in the dryer. Adding them to a load in the dryer decreases the amount of time needed in the dryer.  I used wool stuffing which happened to be white. Hazel saw them and called them snowballs. (I had made one for my mother since her dryer is horrible and takes forever to dry clothes.) She also told me she wanted one.
Since Hazel feel asleep on the way home from school, I had time to make these for her. When she woke up we had a snowball fight and we made a snowman. When Daddy came home, we repeated everything.

I also finished another owl this morning. I gave this one (and another one similar to the ones in this post) to Hazel's teacher for her classroom. Again I got the pattern at Natural Suburbia.
I made this one a snowy owl. The kids were fighting over them in school today.

Another craft we did this morning was one I saw on Pinterest, but the original came from Hands On: As We Grow. A fruity o's rainbow. I was thinking you could also do this with conversation hearts especially the Sweetheart ones since they have the nice blue ones.
I happened to have a box of Fruit Loops in the house because we strung them to make Hazel a necklace and bracelet last week. She enjoyed eating them while she glued them on.

We also finished up some valentines and this afternoon after her nap we got them mailed at the post office to my family. Since we add crafts, a picture frame with a picture, etc. we needed to go to the post office to see how much to put on them. Hopefully they will get there by Tuesday.

Anyway, that is how we spent our day. Tomorrow we are hoping to get outside for a bit since it is suppose to be close to 50 and Saturday we are suppose to get an arctic freeze and snow storm.

One final note, please go check out all the amazing Sharing Saturday entries this week. We have received a few in the past few days and I would love for you to see them. And of course come back to share with us again this weekend!!