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Today I am going to share some activities we have come up with to go with Daria's song, Beautiful Rainbow World. I considered doing some rainbow crafts, but since we did them at the beginning of each spring, I thought we would go a different route. The song itself refers to the rainbow of skin color that makes the world beautiful, but since we have already done some skin color activities, I thought we would focus on the idea of the world being colorful. Our first idea was to look at food. We started with fruit and arranged a rainbow of them. 
We talked about vegetables, but never got them all together for it. 

Next we went for a walk in our neighborhood and looked for flowers and plants in the rainbow colors. We found that one of our neighbors had all the colors in one garden (see the above picture) and we found many more of the colors throughout our neighborhood.
Our next activity we tend to play when we are driving or out and waiting near a street. We look for all the colors of rainbows in cars and trucks. Purple is by far the hardest to find followed by orange and yellow. We have however found all the colors on at least three occasions. I however did not take pictures. Sorry!

Finally on another walk around our neighborhood, I gave Hazel a sheet to record the flower colors she saw. I gave her rainbow smiley face stickers and she had a blast. The red filled up the quickest followed by the yellow. Then I think she started just filling up the columns for blue and purple at the end. My plan was to use the graph for some of the other ideas we have had--cars, fruit, food, birds, etc. We just haven't done them again. If you are interested in a blank copy of this graph you can download it here.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful rainbow world we live on each day!!

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  1. This is a great set of activities. We did flower rainbow search too with a photo hunt to boot.


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