VBCfK: The Rain Came Down

Here is a quick educational activity to go along with David Shannon's book, The Rain Came Down. David Shannon is the author of the month for the Virtual Book Club for Kids. Last week we shared a simple activity to go with Duck on a Bike.

This book is a wonderful example of how the weather can affect your mood. It is about one rainy Saturday morning. The animals react to the rain with noise. The owners shout and yell and wake up the baby. A police officer stops to see what is going on, but blocks traffic. Horns start honking and there is yelling. Mass chaos until the sun comes out and a rainbow appears. Then everyone goes back to their happy, helpful moods and things are much better.

Our activity was to make a two-sided (fold in the paper) painting of the rain and the rainbow and sun. Each side represents the mood that often comes with the weather. Then I gave Hazel some squares with pictures on them. We discussed what was on each one and whether it was a happy mood or mad/sad mood.
If you would like to try this activity, here is our picture pages

Now it is your turn. Have you done an activity with a David Shannon book? It is your turn to share here.


  1. Sorry
    I didn't read that this link had to be about David Shannon.
    But I love your rainy day activities - as I listen to the rain pouring down around me.

  2. Great idea! Weather really does affect (my) mood! We will have to look for this book! Thanks for sharing at Mom's Library!


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