Sharing Saturday 13-14

Sorry for the late start to this week. We dealt with a sick little girl tonight and took her to Urgent Care at her insistence. Luckily it is not strep or an ear infection and just a virus again. Now onto Sharing Saturday. Thank you to everyone who shared last week (even without my email reminder). If you missed any of them, please check them out. Please make sure you check out the features of my co-host, Having Fun at Chelle's House as well. Now onto a few of my favorites!
1) From Life with Moore Babies: The Paper Bag Princess and Fizzing Rocks (Love the lesson being taught and in such a fun way!)
2) From Gift of Curiosity: Easter Egg Sound Matching Game (What a fun way to learn about sounds and more!)
3) From Teaching Little Ones at Home: Celtic Knot Cross (Ok, as a former geometry teacher, love Celtic knots and what a great tutorial!)
4) From ArtClubBlog: Origami Flowers (Aren't these pretty?)
5) From Mama of Many Blessings: Fun Ways to teach the REAL Meaning of Easter (Great ideas!! Sorry I couldn't grab a picture from it!)

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My Week in Review:
This week I shared Raisel's Riddle--A Jewish Cinderella, our Resurrection Garden with peg dolls, our French day--food, What the Ladybug Heard with ladybug crafts, and Teaching children to manage money.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my origami flowers! Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  2. Thanks for hosting and featuring our Fizzy Rock post!


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