Mother's Day Gifts

This year for Mother's Day we bought some wood boxes at one of the craft stores for $1. We also picked out some acrylic paints at Michaels when they were on sale. The other day it was warm out and our Mother's Day is only a couple of weeks away, so we painted outside.

We set up with Hazel's little umbrella table, an egg carton of paint colors and some brushes and a cup of water to rinse brushes. Hazel painted four boxes: one for each grandmother, one for me and a heart-shaped box for herself (we had bought it earlier).

As she was painting I found some other things she could paint with like flowers, pine cones, bubble wrap (it was trash day and I found some blowing in the wind), a branch. Needless to say we had some fun.
I let Hazel paint for a bit, but then she wanted me to paint with her. I worked on her box and then painted the sides of the other three boxes to make sure all surfaces were covered.
Hazel also started seeing different shapes as pictures. For example the maroonish dots here are duck footprints. They are a bit under her hand.

Here is how they came out in the end.
After they dried for a few days, I sprayed them to seal the paint. We also made this tag to put on them (using the appropriate name for each person.

If you would like a Mommy tag, you can download it here.

Now it is your turn to share what your homemade Mother's Day Gift ideas are.


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  8. You have a cute and bright kid. Hazel is such an angel, indeed. What I like about this is the opportunity given to children in order to unleash their creativity. This is a great Mother's Day present. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing!


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