Virtual Flat Stanley/Sophia

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In my last post, I mentioned that my aunt contacted me to help with her step-granddaughter's Flat Stanley project. The person they sent it to never returned it and it is due soon. Since I live in the same state as them, I had the idea of contacting some of my blogger friends from around the world to give her more exciting stories to share. Then I had the idea of sharing some Flat Stanleys or Sophias on my blog so we could "visit" different parts of the world in the eyes of children. Are you interested in joining us? Read on for more details.

So for our invitation I thought I would start with our Flat Sophia (we made her a girl) and the adventure we took her on. First we decorated Stanley and decided he needed to be female. (I should add that this is our first one, we have to make a duplicate one to keep and another one just because she wants to have different clothes on it.)
Then we took Flat Sophia to see some local sights. We started with a National Historic Site nearby but it was not open (until next week). We took a picture by the sign anyway.
Then we went to our local library to look for the Flat Stanley book by Jeff Brown. I figured it was always good for Hazel to know the story of how Stanley became flat. (A bulletin board falls on him while he is sleeping.)
We also had two of the librarians pose with Hazel and Flat Sophia.
Then we found out there was a Mother Goose Story Time starting in five minutes so we went to it. All the children got stamps on their hands so we asked Ms. Martha for a stamp for Flat Sophia to show the class she went to the story time. Now we have to mail her and our pictures to my aunt.

We have also been hearing from some of our friends around the world with their Flat Stanleys. I am going to share one each week with you so we can learn a bit about the world together. If you are interested in joining us, print out this template and decorate your Flat Stanley/Sophia in a manner a child might dress in your area of the world. Then take your Flat Stanley some place in your area and take a picture of him/her with or without your child (depending on if you want pictures of your child shared here). E-mail me your pictures, your child's name or nickname and age, where you are from and where you took your Flat Stanley and any other wonderful information about your hometown, region, country that you might want to share (and if you want me to mention and link it to your blog, please make sure I have your blog name). By participating you are giving me permission to post your pictures and information you provide here at Crafty Moms Share and all of its social media connected with it. So tune in next week when I will share our first Flat Stanley adventure from a reader of Crafty Moms Share! And then you can help spread the word about our traveling Flat Stanley by posting a button on your blog. (I left the picture out of it so you can add your own picture in PicMonkey. Just right click the button and save it so you can bring it up in PicMonkey and add your picture.)

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  1. Super cool idea! We would love to participate!

  2. Great idea! I put up just one pic already of our flat Stanley in the Netherlands at Crowningsday!

  3. Thank you for linking to Mom's Library! I will be featuring you this week ('ve already printed off a Stanley to use :-)

  4. So fun! Thank you for sharing at our Pinteresting Party! We are going to try to participate.

  5. Oh fun! I wonder if Chiquita would really understand this activity (she's only 2) wish we lived somewhere more exciting! Thanks for linking up at Say It Two Ways Thursdays!

  6. Okay this has to be one of the best ideas ever! How fun to do this in the via blogs, there are so many of us out there and we are all over. I can't wait to read all the stories! Thanks for sharing on We Made That!

  7. I'm a year late. Wonder if I can see what others shared? And how to go about it.
    Grandma who is going to get Flat Stanley.

  8. My grandaughter who is in the 1st grade is doing the Flat Stanley Project. I am not familiar with blogging but would love some help to make this a special project for Ava. Please help.


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