More Flat Stanley/Sophias

Do you have a great idea for a Mother's Day gift made by a child? Please share them here!

Flat Stanley Button photo FlatStanleybuttons-001_zps728ef70f.jpg
Yesterday I shared our idea of a Virtual Flat Stanley. I thought I would share two more Flat Sophias we have made and the rough idea of the paragraph we are looking for from people.

 Hazel wanted us to duplicate the original Flat Sophia we made for my aunt. Unfortunately Daddy cleaned up our supplies by throwing them away so we did not have the same paper for the top. This was our substitute one where we cut a doily for the lace trim.
 Hazel was really excited when I braided this one's hair so it would look like her. She wanted this one to wear a dress as well. We used craft tape for the ribbon.

Now for a sample paragraph:

My name is Hazel and I am four-years-old. I live North of Boston in Massachusetts which is in the United States. We took Flat Sophia to the Saugus Iron Works. This is a reconstruction of the first successful iron works in the New World. Unfortunately the Iron Works was not open for the season yet, so we only got a picture by the sign and the gate. Then we took Flat Sophia to the library and went to a Mother Goose Story Time there. All the kids got stamps on their hands, so Ms. Martha stamped Flat Sophia for us.

You can put in as much information about where you live as you want. When I use it, I will do some research as well.

Then I went to PicMonkey to try to add a picture to the button. If you save the button on your computer you can add your Flat Stanley/Sophia picture to the button as your own overlay in the Edit. Here is how ours looks.
Please visit our original Virtual Flat Stanely/Sophia post for all the details and the template!