A Day in France--Around the World in 12 Dishes

Around the world in 12 Dishes

This month we are "traveling" to France with some dishes, crafts and stories. Won't you join us?

Coloring Pages Available at DLTK

Wednesdays are our day to catch up with life and relax since it is the day between Hazel's two school days. This Wednesday we didn't have plans, so we decided to explore France a bit. I had gotten some books out of the library about French cooking. We decided to look at the Fiesta one.
This is a fun series which focuses on celebrations in countries. Each book introduces the country with a map and things about the different parts. There is always something about the religion as well and then it gets into holidays and festivals. The first recipe we found was for Croque Monsieur (or what I call a grilled ham and cheese sandwich). Hazel asked for a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch and I asked if she wanted ham as well on it. She of course did since she has my love of ham. 

Then we saw a recipe for a French Apple Tart. Now apple pie is Steven's favorite dessert, so we decided we had to try it. Before going to the store to get the ingredients I looked for some French themed crafts and found some great ones over at DLTK's Kids including a recipe for a food her family had while in France, so we decided to try it for dinner as well. We went out to run errands and stopped at AAA for a tour book on France and some maps. They gave us a tour book for Europe since they did not have one on just France and some maps. We haven't had time to look at them yet, so look for our follow-up post on our "trip" to France. We also stopped at the library for some French stories. Again, look for details in our follow-up post. Today it is about the food!
We made the French Apple Tart first. My little baker loved helping with cutting the butter and controlling the mixer. She also tried to peel the apples, but had a bit of difficulty. The recipe for the tart came from the Fiesta! France book. It was very simple and delicious! 

Next we made the tartiflette.The recipe came from DLTK Kids. I used of course fat free sour cream and reduced fat cream cheese and fat free mozzarella. The only cheese of the three choices listed our store had was Gruyere. I wish I had shredded it. It did not melt well, but the meal was still delicious!!

We also discovered at DLTK Kids that the rooster is the national animal of France and the iris is the national flower. We also got all the coloring pages from that link.

The France coloring placemat right here and the passport right here. Also check out these great French adventures and add your own here.


  1. Wow you went all out! Glad you had fun :) If you'd liked to learn more about France I'd like to invite you to try our interactive passport pages and coloring placemat, find them on facebook, google + before the beginning of the month or in our post here:
    Thanks again for participating :)

    1. Thank you for inviting me and for organizing it all.

    2. You're very welcome! I'm glad you enjoy it and I really hope you like our placemat and passport :)

  2. Shredded Gruyere is amazing, especially if you use it in a grilled cheese. It melts beautifully, but it does need to be shredded first. What a fun way to explore France!

  3. Thanks so much for linking to Look What We Did. I enjoyed visiting your site and since I am severely craft challenged I really envy your talent for it. I featured you today as part of my Homeschool Review post. Thanks again! -Savannah

  4. I love all these ideas! This post will be featured. :-) Thanks for sharing this post at Family Fun Friday.

  5. Looks like you had so much fun learning about France. The apple tart looks delicious! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ooh, that looks so good! I have been wanting to try an apple tart, now you have encouraged me! And thank you for sharing your resources! I have been having trouble finding resources for cooking international dishes with kids. Thanks for sharing at the Culture Swapper!

  7. What fun you must have had learning about France with your kids. Thanks for joining in with #AllAboutFrance

  8. Hello! Popping over from the #AllAboutFrance link-up! What a cute idea - and what better way to learn about France than by its food! Now I'm suddenly really craving some quiche :-)

  9. I didn't know the national flower of France was the iris and it is my husband's favourite flower. #AllAboutFrance


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