St. Patrick's Day Cards and More Spring Fairies

Our First Spring Bulb Has a Flower!
Today we decided it was time to make the St. Patrick's Day cards to mail to our family. I am part Irish--Hazel is named after my Irish grandmother and her godmother is Irish, so we will do a small celebration for it.  I bought her a shamrock plant at Trader Joe's the other day. We took some of the shamrocks off to paint with them.
The prints did not come out exactly as I had planned, but we tried.
Then we decorated with stickers and we stamped the insides with a Happy St. Patrick's Day stamp.
Hazel wanted to do a rainbow on one, so I gave her some heart stickers for it.

And the insides:
Yesterday at school the teacher had a beautiful bendy doll fairy that was much smaller than what I have made, so I tried some. If you don't know what a bendy doll is there are several tutorials around. They are made of pipe cleaners wrapped with embroidery floss and usually a wooden bead for a head and more embroidery floss or yarn for hair. The tutorial I first used is at The Enchanted Tree. I still need to add some wings to my fairies, but thought I would share them anyway.

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