A Snowy Day

Lenten Share:
Just thought I would give you an update on our Easter egg grass. We were very excited to notice some grass growing this week.

Last week we had a bit of snow. And it was finally a wet snow. Unfortunately for Hazel it was not a lot of snow, but we did get out and play in it on Friday. Taking ideas from The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats,
we made tracks in the snow and looked at tracks made in the snow.
Animal Tracks--Cat maybe?
Toes Pointed Out
Toes Pointed In
Bird Tracks
We also made a snowman. A very small snowman, but a snowman none the less. The snow was a bit icy to really do much with it.
We also enjoyed a sled ride around the yard.

And we painted in the snow. (Spray bottles with colored water in them.)
Hazel also tried out her slide in the snow. And made sure both swingsets were cleared off.
Sorry, don't know why the pictures aren't turned.
And of course we made snow angels.

Then we got cold so we went in for some hot chocolate and lunch. Hazel wanted to serve herself her leftovers from dinner out the night before. And of course we used our special snow angel plate and mugs!

What books have you been reading to your children?


  1. Oh I wish we had snow like this! Looks wonderful :-)

  2. What a great snowy day, I love The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, such a great children's classic. How fun to make tracks in the snow just like the book. :) Love the little eggs filled with growing grass too. :)


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