Happy Family Times--a new weekly link party!!

Have you done something fun with your family? I know it is something we all strive to do more of. Kelly over at Happy Whimsical Hearts and I are starting a new weekly link party--Happy Family Times--to share those activities in hopes that we all may get some new ideas. So if you all danced one night, went for a walk, or something and you posted about it, please link it up here!!

This week we did a few things as a family that we enjoyed. The first is we went to get pictures with the Easter Bunny at my church. It was a church fundraiser and I had signed up to volunteer at it. Hazel and I headed over early and Steve met us there. In the past Hazel has been completely afraid of the Easter Bunny (and Santa) so all of pictures with either are family shots or have at least one of us in it. Hazel insisted that I dress up with a dress and hat like her today. Our friends at church thought we looked so cute and had to take pictures before we saw the Easter Bunny.
Showing off her white gloves
We fell in love with her dress at KMart. It really is a bit big for her so I'm hoping it may still fit next year as well. Daddy actually missed the picture taking because Hazel decided she was ready before he got there. (I'm not really sure what took so long for him to get there since he was home from his run before we left and his showers only take five minutes.) They also had crafts to do while waiting. Hazel did those first and then she worked on the crafts I brought for her--knowing we would be there all morning.
We will share some of our crafts later this week. After Friday and Saturday, I think we have enough crafts to post all week long. Hazel drew pictures for everyone there--our minister, our friends and the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny who at this time happened to be the same college student as last year when she cried to see him dressed as the Easter Bunny got a hug from her after she gave him the picture. A HUGE step for her!! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera on me to get the picture.

On Sunday after church we went to McDonalds. You may remember we went last week because we thought Elmo was going to be there, but the sign had been wrong and we saw Dora instead. Well, Elmo was there for lunch this time so the family went for some quality time with Elmo. Unfortunately, Hazel decided she wanted to wake up at 2:30 a.m. and was a bit tired by lunch time (as were Steve and I). She did not have the energy she had with Dora, but was so much more excited to see Elmo.
And we survived another week of eating McDonalds or as Hazel calls it Old MacDonalds. She did not like her lunch there this time, so besides seeing the characters I don't see us going very often. Here is a picture of Hazel, me and Elmo. Unfortunately Steve is not great with the camera. Sorry!!

Now we want to see what you have been doing!!

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  1. Looks like you had lots of fun! Your dresses and hats are lovely, how fun to dress up together :-) I hope you all had a nice rest when you got home, what with the middle of the night wake up! Can't wait to see your crafts :-)

  2. Looks like a ton of fun!!! Stopping over from Happy Whimsical Hearts to share our Family Fun Times. Here it is

    Have a great day!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by today and for the friendly invite!


  4. Thanks for the invitation! I LOVE that you are doing a "Family" theme! I added your button to my sidebar and am a new follower!


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