Family Time

Our Easter Grass Eggs
A quick check of our Easter grass eggs show that Hazel was not great at getting the seeds spread evenly, but they are growing well. It is hard to believe how tall it is. I may add some  
more seeds to the sparse ones when she is not here so they will be full by Easter.
Map of Breakheart Reservation
This weekend we had a lot of family time. On Saturday, while Daddy had some much needed guy time, Hazel and I went to the Breakheart Reservation for their Pancake Breakfast (served with the maple syrup they make there).  They had delicious pancakes, sausage (which we didn't eat), orange juice, coffee, tea and hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows for breakfast. Then outside they had a craft table to make a leaf magnet, a campfire with marshmallows to toast and their sugar shack/evaporator was open and had park rangers explaining the process. They also had a table of literature set up including a packet for a lesson on the maple syrup process. Hazel like the crafts table, but didn't want to go near the fire or the evaporator. Then she wanted to walk to the big playground. Unfortunately I had not planned on walking, so I did not have my sneakers or my asthma inhaler. We walked a short bit and then I convinced her to turn around and that we could come back with Daddy later.

Well Saturday flew by, so Sunday, we were determined to get back to Breakheart. The weather was perfect. Hazel and I went to church as you saw in my last post--it was a big day for me. When we were on our way home, Hazel wanted to go for a ride. As I drove by the McDonalds near our house, I saw their sign saying Elmo was there from 12-2. Now Elmo is Hazel's favorite character. He was before we let her watch television and still is now that we don't let her watch it anymore. So I called Steve and told him I would be by to pick him up and off we went. Unfortunately the sign was wrong. Elmo had been there in the morning and Dora was there in the afternoon (however next Sunday it is reversed). Now the only way Hazel knows Dora is she on Hazel's potty seats because they were the only pink ones we could find and she insisted on having a pink potty seat.
At first she was very shy, but then Hazel had fun dancing with Dora. We of course ate lunch there--which was the first time in about 10 years that I ate McDonalds for a meal. And now of course we have to go back again next week to see Elmo. Ugh!
Hazel calls it Old MacDonalds since apparently she made the connection with the song and the restaurant. It is really cute. Here is my favorite picture from yesterday...
My Dancing Queen
Then the three of us headed to Breakheart. They had another maple syrup event going on until 2, but since it was almost 2 we did not try to get to it. Unfortunately the front parking was full so we went to the back and just walked to the big playground. We had the best time. Hazel made friends with a lovely 5-year-old girl and we chatted with her parents while they played. We exchanged info so we could set up a playdate as well. They had a blast. Sorry I didn't take the camera out. There were lots of kids running around so I didn't want to take pictures of other people's children.

We came home to do some planting. On Friday, Hazel and I went to the nursery and picked out some pansies. But first we noticed the crocus were up!

Hazel picked out two packages of pansies for our front porch planters. Then she helped me dig in them and plant them.
Digging in the small one
The Big Planter Finished
Then Hazel and Daddy got the watering cans and we filled them. Hazel helped me water.
Oh, we also had to check out Daddy's work. While Hazel and I were at church, he stabilized the stumps that Pop gave us for an obstacle course. They are a big narrow, but she had fun on them. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera when she was actually on them and she is fighting pictures now.

How did you spend your weekend? Did your family get some good together time?


  1. What great outdoor fun for your daughter! My daughter and I enjoy picking out flowers from the nursery and planting them just like you did with your daughter. I want to get my hands on some stumps too. That's great that Dad and Pop helped create the obstacle course. Thank you for sharing at The Outdoor Play Party!

  2. I love having my girls help me out with flower planting. And they love helping me with anything in the garden. Those stumps are so fun, I would love to get some really big ones to have in our backyard.
    Thanks for joining the outdoor play party!


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