Family-Made Easter Garland, Mantle and More Egg Ideas

I was trying to come up with ideas for an Easter garland with which Hazel could help. I decided on Easter egg shapes. I figured she could decorate them any way she wanted and I could use her glitter glue to write the letters. I decided to go with "Happy Easter" but considered "He has risen" or "He lives." We may make another one for Easter morning.

To make the garland, I made a template on Word (I saved it as a pdf so everyone would be able to open it). Then I gave them to Hazel to decorate. Steve and I helped her and I decorated some more when she got bored. We used watercolors, tissue paper, stickers, fake flowers, ribbon. We didn't bother using crayons or markers basically because she wasn't in the mood. After they dried I used her glitter glue to write on each one. After that had dried I punched two holes in each one and strung them on ribbon.
Then we decorated more eggs. I got my hot glue gun out and finished the pails I had started awhile ago. It was much quicker with the hot glue gun.
I also had found these cute little woven baskets at Target in the Dollar Spot. We bought a bunch of them in different colors to give to family members.
While I had the hot glue gun out, I finished my hydrangea covered Easter egg. I got this idea on Pinterest but the original came from The Sweet Survival.
And I got creative with other flowers. Here is my purple flower egg fairy/sculpture.
Then we pulled out the feathers. Hazel decided she wanted to glue them on to paper, but I glued them onto an egg and made another chick.

Hazel decorated some of the eggs with her glitter glue. It is still drying and to be honest a bit hard to see since she used white glitter glue on everything. We'll try that again tomorrow. Maybe I'll hide the white.

I added all the Easter decorations and crafts we have been doing to our mantle and took down the Valentines and it is looking much more festive including the pink tulip fairy I did awhile ago. Now she has wings.  I also added the pink bucket to our Lenten table.

Well with St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, I guess we better get working on some more green things. For some reason we haven't been that into it this year. Sorry to my dear Irish grandmother. I hope you will join us for Sharing Saturday!!
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  1. these are all so cute..such a fun easter/spring project!!!

  2. I love the Easter Garland. I bet you had fun making it.

  3. I LOVE the Easter Garland! I have been thinking of something that my daughter can help out with as well!!! Thanks so much for sharing:)

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