Spiced Pear Bread and How I Get Hazel to Clean Up Each Night

So this morning we did make the Spiced Pear Bread. It was definitely a hit. I started with having Hazel mash the canned pears. I used ones in unsweetened pear juice. I would have liked to use fresh pears, but the ones the store had were not ripe enough. Then Hazel loved pouring in all the ingredients and mixing. She also has enjoyed eating it all day.

The other story I want to share today is our method of clean up each night. About a week ago, I told Hazel about the Toy Fairy. The Toy Fairy (in our house at least) is a fairy that loves to play with children's toys, but doesn't have any of her own, so she visits the houses of children each night to see if any are left out. If they are left out she will take them to play with on her own. I have to say that this has been very successful. Hazel picks up all of her toys with some help from us. Last night we were off our rhythm so I told her I would let the Toy Fairy know that she could not take anything even if it wasn't put away since we didn't want to take the time to let her do it (and it really was our fault for the scheduling error), but that is the only night she hasn't picked up her toys since hearing about the Toy Fairy. Do you have a method that works for you? Please share it with us!

For Halloween I plan on using the Legend of the Pumpkin Fairy.