Rainy Day = Tea Party

Something to make me smile
Ok, I have discovered two new to me fabric stores. I'm so excited to have some place besides Joann's to shop! One is near Hazel's school so next year when she will be going by herself I will have some place to visit often.
Hazel's newest tea set

Since I made Hazel the needle felted tea set, she has wanted to have a tea party/birthday party. Her birthday is still several months away (new year's eve), but I have been looking for fabric in the theme I want so she is getting excited for it. And we celebrated my birthday last month and my sister's this past Saturday and went to a friend's 5th birthday party, so she has birthday on her mind.

So this morning she set up a tea party in the living room. Of course it required two baskets of fruit and vegetables to serve with the tea cups (we used both felt and plastic). She also invited the Dish and the Spoon to join us.
Our Guests
Her set up after the party
After getting a sore back from sitting on a foot rest, I asked her if she would like a real cup of tea. So we made a pot of chamomile lavender tea with a bit of honey in it. I added milk to hers and used my good china cups to make it special. She claimed the tea tasted like chocolate, but only had a few sips. But she enjoyed it. I remember these tea parties with my mom, so I want to have special ones with her.
Taking a sip
She wanted cheese with her tea
Our set table with candles lit
We are working on some fall crafts to share, but it has been hard to get Hazel to stay on task for them. Hopefully we will have some tomorrow for you. In the mean time check out:
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4) FamilyFun Magazine Tree sculpture  great nature craft!!


  1. Too cute! I bet Mags would love to have a tea party with Hazel. In fact, Grandpa has a tea set at his house if Hazel ever visits. :)

  2. Oooh, we will have to plan a visit! You are more than welcome to come this way as well.


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