Crafts, Quilts, and more

Ok, I don't have any finished projects for you. I have been preparing to make some quilts but am waiting on the last few fabrics I ordered. I was hoping they would come today, but they did not. I'm also working on fabric pumpkins, but I haven't sewn the stem on yet. This blog takes you step by step and is perfect even for the people who really do not know how to sew, but want to try.

Today in the mail I did get my order of Piggy Paint. If you haven't heard of Piggy Paint yet it is a natural non-toxic nail polish. Hazel has been admiring my pink toes all summer and mentioned that she wanted hers to be pink as well. Now I have some polish (including base and topcoat) that I feel will be safe to use on her. They also have an adult line called Refined.

I also found out I won another blog contest today. A huge thank you to April at April's Homemaking for the contest and prize of the book Back to the Basics. I will let you know how I like it after I receive it and read it.

Yesterday we took a family walk at Breakheart Reservation State Park and gathered leaves, sticks, acorns and acorn tops, and pinecones. This week we will use some of them for Cinnamon Leave Prints. You can download a free ebook there with all sorts of play dough autumn ideas.