My Adventures in Needle Felting

One of Hazel's favorite books
So last spring I became fascinated with needle felting. I looked at the books and saw such interesting things you could make with them and really fell in love. I first found a little kit to make a fish. It seemed easy enough. I changed some of the colors so it would look more like the Rainbow Fish (from the book by Marcus Pfister which we highly recommend). I'm going to eventually make Hazel a magnet fishing game and make this fish as one of the catches. I also bought some silver sequins to make it more like the Rainbow Fish.I haven't added them yet or done the mouth.
My Rainbow Fish

Next I found Wool Pets by Laurie Sharp at the library. I tried a few animals from there without much luck. I showed my mother my attempts and we agreed I did not needle them enough.

Next I found this great book full of inspiration and know-how. I wanted to try to make everything. I attempted a bird, but again did not needle it enough. Then I put it all away for a few months.

The other day I pulled out my supplies. Actually I pulled out the roving to make the fairies and while it was out I decided to try some needle felting again. I started small. I made a flower (with a mold) to attach to the dish. I liked it and made some to go all the way around. Then I did a little heart for the spoon. I was very happy with the results.

The Dish

The Loving Spoon

After these successes, I decided to try a few from my book. I had fallen in love with the tea cup so I decided to be daring and try it. I liked the results though I did not have enough of the blue roving to make another cup and saucer.

Then I had seen on line at The Magic Onions a tutorial to needle felt a pumpkin. I did not have much orange roving, so I decided to hold off on trying this. However, I decided to try an apple on my own. I figured I had plenty of red and different shades of green to give it a try. I followed the directions in the book on how to make a sphere and expanded it into the apple shape. Then played with colors to get different shading and added a stem and leaves and even put a little dark brown on the bottom for the core/flower piece. I was very happy with it.

So I think I have overcome my fear of needle felting and am looking forward to trying more with it. First I need to get some more supplies. Enjoy your weekend!
My Apple Creation


  1. Felting looks like so much fun! I love seeing your creations. One day I want to try this (when I finish all my projects)
    Thanks so much for sharing


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