Stepping stones

Simba's Memorial Plant
Last week I wrote about burying our beloved Simba's ashes. We also made a stepping stone marker for him. And we made one for Hazel as well. I had bought two kits and some letter/number stamps for them. The three of us mixed the cement and poured it and then waited for the right consistency.

The correct consistency happened almost immediately for Hazel's, but Simba's took much longer--in fact I went down and fixed it hours later after Hazel was in bed. Yesterday I added color to Simba's with some paint and sprayed both of them with a clear gloss sealant. We are happy with how they came out. I do wish I had waited longer for the right consistency with Simba's so it would be so messy now.
We also planted a shrub in Simba's memory above his ashes. It is in the garden next to our back patio. We will add the stepping stone near it as well.