Signs of Autumn

Lights to help with the shorter days
For the first full day of autumn, Hazel and I spent the morning reading books about autumn and doing some crafts. We really focused on the signs of autumn. (I should add that yesterday at school we "read" Autumn by Gerda Muller. Since it has no words I'm using read loosely.)

This morning we started with two of our library books Step Into Fall: A New Season by Jane Belk Moncure and Seasonal Crafts Autumn by Gillian Chapman. (Please note: I have provided links to Amazon, but I  in no way am suggesting you buy them there, etc. I just know I like to have a place to see where to purchase the book when it is referenced.)

Shorter Days and Diwali:
Next we started our crafts. Seasonal Crafts: Autumn discusses the festival of Diwali (the beginning of the Hindu New Year) and suggests making lanterns.  We took the suggestion but changed the lanterns. We used baby food jars (I saved some from when Hazel ate it), Mod Podge glue, and fall colored tissue paper and of course a tea light. We had read how the days are getting shorter, so making lanterns seemed to be an obvious connection to it.

To make the lantern take a clean baby food jar and spread the Mod Podge glue on it. Then stick small pieces of tissue paper everywhere. It can overlap. The most important thing is to cover all of the outside visible surfaces. If it extends to the top do not fold it over, but leave it to dry and be cut off. It can be bent around the bottom of the jar. Let the glue dry some then paint another coat of Mod Podge on it. Let it dry completely and then trim top if necessary and put tea light candle in it. Light for a stained glass light.

Leaves Falling:
And of course autumn is not autumn without mention to leaves. This week I read on Mom on Timeout how to make Stained Glass Fall Leaves. To make this you will need a leaf pattern (or multiple--Mom on Timeout includes some), fall colored paper (the thicker the better, but construction paper will work), wax paper, glue, scissors, exacto knife, and tissue paper.

Have child rip tissue paper into small pieces. While he or she is doing that, cut the leaves (you need two for each leaf) and then leaving a frame, cut out the inside with the exacto knife or razor blade of some sort. Take a piece of wax paper that will be able to fold in two and completely cover past the cut out part of the leaf. Spread glue one half of it and have child put small pieces of tissue paper on it. The goal is to cover the entire half of the wax paper. They can overlap. Then spread glue on the other half and fold over. Let the glue dry a bit. Then glue the leaf frame on each side of the wax paper so they overlap appropriately. Then trim excess wax paper/tissue paper. Tape to a window and let the sun shine through it.

Birds Migrating
The last sign of autumn we focused on today was the birds migrating south for the winter. The idea of this craft came from Seasonal Crafts: Autumn, but we expanded on it by adding feathers and decorations. Instead of making it into a mobile, I tied them to the different arms of a light in our kitchen. So we now have a circle of birds flying south. With older kids, I would probably make the mobile and try to do it in the V-shape and discuss why the birds fly in that shape. For this craft you need cardstock or cardboard in nice colors, crayons or markers, tissue paper, scissors, glue and feathers and string (and a stick if you are going to make it into a mobile).

To make this craft do your best to draw and cut out a bird shape and cut a slit where the wings should go. Let child decorate bird. Take a piece of tissue paper (I cut mine into thirds or so) and fold it back and forth in accordion style (see picture to the right).  Stick the folded tissue paper into the slot you cut for the wings. Glue feathers to tail. Poke a hole in bird and tie a string/thread through it and hang.  Make more for your flock. You can open the wings like a fan to make them appear to be flying.

For our next crafts I'm hoping to include more with smells of fall. I'm thinking of playing with my playdough recipes and adding scents again. I'll let you know how it comes out. I'm also almost finished with my oversized queen quilt top. I'll share it soon.  Enjoy your weekend!


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  2. PS- We are learning about birds right now and I love your birds migrating craft! The tissue paper wings are so fun! I just pinned it on Pinterest.

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  5. those are such great fall crafts! The birds are too cute and I have been wanting to make those jars for years & still haven't!

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