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Geometric Origami Project -- Origami Bunny Balloon Tutorial with Geometry Terms


In geometry class we have been talking about the special segments in triangles. It is the perfect time to introduce my origami project. To start I shared a tutorial with them making an origami bunny balloon. I use terms from our lessons like median, midsegment, angle bisector and more throughout the tutorial. The kids make one with me in class. Then I give them my assignment. The kids enjoyed spending the class trying different origami projects. You can watch my tutorial here. I love that I am making an origami bunny balloon when lunar new year is going on and it is the year of the rabbit in Chinese Horoscope. 

Origami Art with Origami Paper 1000 Sheets Color Bursts with Origami Butterfly Tutorial


Disclosure: I was sent a box of this origami paper in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

I have shared I have been on an origami kick since I subbed at Hazel's school for the geometry teacher. I have had a piece of origami artwork I have been waiting to share. For some reason I thought the paper I used wasn't released yet, but it was, so I am finally getting to share it with you. I will also share the tutorial to make the butterflies on it. 

DIY Minnie Mouse Pinata & Free Party Activty Sign Printables

Disclosure: I was sent the black jumbo streamers to review free of charge from Oriental Trading. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review.

Tutorial: Candy Cane Ornament

So today was Hazel's and my first day of school for the year. We are doing the parent/child class called Bachelor Buttons at the Cape Ann Waldorf School. This is the school we are planning on sending Hazel to through 8th grade. So I took a picture right before we left for school.
She had her Red Sox backpack (she doesn't know who the Red Sox are, but it was a gift ages ago and I recently pulled it out for her) packed with her slippers and gifts we made for the teachers. Ducky of course had to come as well, though he sat on a shelf watching the class while we were inside. We had a good first day meeting new friends and getting back into the rhythm.

Now I know fall hasn't officially started so I don't usually like to think too far ahead to Christmas (besides buying a few gifts here and there when I see something for someone), but many years ago a friend gave me some ornaments that looked easy to make and by easy in my mind = easy enough for Hazel to make. So while out today I bought the supplies and made one myself to figure it out. Then I had Hazel start one. She didn't finish it yet, but definitely can do it with some help.

So on to the tutorial to make a candy cane ornament.

Supplies you need are two colors (or three if you want to be really fancy) of the tri beads (the ones with 3 little circles on ends and they fit together when strung) and a pipe cleaner (I used white to make the clear beads look white).

1) Cut the pipe cleaner to the size you think you will want for your pipe cleaner. I would say between 4 and 6 inches. Bend one end a small bit up to get rid of the sharp point.
2) Using the unbent end, string the beads on alternating your colors until it is full except a small piece to bend on the other end.
3) Shape your candy cane.
4) Hang it on your tree or decorate a gift with it.

As you can see from the pictures Hazel only needed a little assistance with the stringing. I bent the end to start it for her and will shape it in the end.

I figured we can make these as gifts from Hazel for everyone so now we can make a few each week and we will have more than enough by Christmas.


Tutorial: Felt Journal Covers

Today, Hazel and I made gifts for her teachers. School starts tomorrow and we are continuing in the Parent/Child Bachelor Buttons Class at Cape Ann Waldorf School. Last year we joined the Bachelor Buttons class in March thinking we would put Hazel in the Nursery Class this year. However after realizing what happens in the class and the fact that Hazel is on the borderline for age for starting the Nursery Class, we decided not to push her this year and to enjoy another year of Bachelor Buttons where I get to go with her. Needless to say we will have the same teacher and assistant teacher, so we are making gifts to bring them tomorrow.
Our gifts

Yesterday we stopped at Joann Fabrics to get some felt and needle felting supplies and all of their school supplies and organizational stuff was 70% off so I bought some composition books. We made wool felt covers with fall needle felted designs on them. Hazel helped with the needle felting under close supervision. She was able to do it, but didn 't always get to move it around. Anyway, here is a tutorial for you on what we did.

Composition Book
Composition book or journal book
Wool Felt (enough to cover book)
Wool Roving
Styrofoam or other surface to needle felt into
Needle for needle felting
Cookie Cutters
1/4 inch elastic or glue
Thread and needle if you are using elastic

1) Cut the felt with pinky shears to be a bit bigger than the book cover (front and back).
2) Take felt piece and put on foam or surface for needling.
3) Choose location to put cookie cutter on felt piece (this will be your mold for the needle felting). Remember the right side is the front and the left is the back cover.
4) Choose roving colors and put a little of each color inside the cookie cutter.
5) The adult should use a single needle and go around the edges to make sure you lock in  the details of the shape.
6) The child can needle felt the middle of the shape. I had Hazel use my 5-needle tool which has more safety features than just a needle. I held the cookie cutter for her.
7) When the roving seems stiff enough and pushed down to be relatively flat, remove cookie cutter. (The adult may have to finish it to make sure it is felted enough.)
8) Repeat 3-7 if you want more than one cookie cutter shape/design.
Checking book inside first elastic
9) Once you are happy with the cover, sew on the elastic on the inside of front and back cover and slide book into it. Or you can glue the cover onto the book. I liked the elastic method so you could reuse the cover when the book is full.
Placement of both elastics
Acorn and oak leaf
Maple leaves
Now you have beautiful journals to keep or giveaway. Enjoy!!

For more ideas of felting with kids check out: Let the Children Play: Wet Felted Balls
I'm a teacher, get me OUTSIDE here! felted stones
Kleas: Ziplock bag felting with kids

I'm hoping to try these later with Hazel.