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Holiday Wreaths & Ornaments with Supplies from Dollar Tree -- a Crafty Weekends Link Party

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I have been in such a holiday mood. I don't really like Halloween, so I think I have been trying to skip over it and get to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plus the amazing Christmas products at Thirty-One are only available in October and November so I have been trying to let people know about them and am planning a holiday shopping party in the beginning of November. I was thinking it would be fun to have some door prizes and just prizes to make the party more of a celebration. What better prizes than homemade ones and I made some with supplies from Dollar Tree. I made two wreaths and some different ornaments.

Doll Food Finds

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I haven't shared with you any of cheap doll finds lately and have had a few of these sitting there waiting to be shared so here they are. Now the first finds I found around the start of the school year. I think they were either at Target or Michael's but am not sure. The first is a burger pencil sharpener and french fries eraser set. They are on one of Hazel's dishes for her dolls to show you the size.

Our Latest Doll Finds

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It has been awhile since I shared some of our doll finds and our dolls' adventures. Hazel received many fun gifts for Christmas and her birthday to use with her dolls including a car and a camper. She is loving them!! Today I am going to share a few other things. First some fun and inexpensive finds!! Let's start with some Gymboree hair clips. We found these fun Snowflake Clips 2-Pack in the clearance bin for $1.99 for two clips (a white and a pink one). Mimi is modeling the pink one, though I need to get her hairbrush out again.

Our Recent Doll Finds

I have not shared our doll finds lately and we have quite a few. We will start with our newest doll. Hazel really wanted to spend her Easter money on this doll at Target last week. She was on sale for $19.99 so I let her. Meet Ginger...

Cheap Doll Finds

It has been almost a month since I shared our cheap doll finds with you. I thought I would share some more with you today. Today's came from The Dollar Tree, Staples and Michaels.

Awhile ago I shared the soccer ball (along with #1 fingers for the cheerers) I found for Hazel's dolls. Now I found the right sized baseball for her dolls. Now they just need a bat and mitts. I found these sports bounce balls in the party favor section at Micahels.

Cheap Doll Finds

I found some fun doll things at some of the discount stores this week. I thought I would share them here. Let's start with our game.