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I have been in such a holiday mood. I don't really like Halloween, so I think I have been trying to skip over it and get to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plus the amazing Christmas products at Thirty-One are only available in October and November so I have been trying to let people know about them and am planning a holiday shopping party in the beginning of November. I was thinking it would be fun to have some door prizes and just prizes to make the party more of a celebration. What better prizes than homemade ones and I made some with supplies from Dollar Tree. I made two wreaths and some different ornaments.


For the wreaths I used 10 inch Green Floral Foam Wreaths

and then I looked at the holiday decor and crafts for some ideas.

The first wreath is made with ornaments. 

I started with these supplies. One wreath foam, one package of small round plastic balls and two of the next largeset round plastic ball ornaments. I found I didn't have enough of the bigger ones, so I went back and bought two more packages (to get more of both gold and silver). I first hot glued a pipe cleaner loop to the back of the wreath foam. Then I began to hot glue the gold and silver ornaments around the front and side of the wreath foam. Then I glued the small red ones scattered around. I am very happy

I already had the hot glue (and gun) and pipe cleaner, so this wreath cost me a total of $6.

Our next  wreath is a play on Santa Claus. For this one I used a wreath foam, red sparkle ribbon, black tulle ribbon, glue, pins and a homemade gold buckle from gold labels and cardstock. 

The first thing I did was wrap the red ribbon around the wreath. I overlapped it since it was slightly transparent. I used a sewing pin to keep it in place at the beginning and end. 

Next I made the buckle. I put gold labels on a piece of cardstock and cut out the shape. I should have included a bar in the middle, but didn't. Oops!!

I may try to pick up a brass one, but haven't seen a cheap one yet. Then I folded the black tulle and wrapped it around the wreath like a belt. I glued the homemade belt buckle onto it, since I forgot the middle bar I couldn't thread it on the belt. I used pins to secure the belt as well. Then I tied a ribbon on as a hanger. I found some that says "Ho, ho, ho" and thought it was perfect. Hazel thinks I should add a Santa hat to the top. What do you think? Total cost of this wreath is $3 since I already had the pins, hanging ribbon and supplies for the buckle. 


For the ornaments I went in two directions. I used clear ball ornaments and I used snowflake ornaments. 

Around us everything is Red Sox right now with them in the World Series play-offs. I found a Red Sox decal at another store for just over $1. 

For this ornament I bought packages of crinkle paper in red, white and blue and the large clear ball ornament, plus the decal. I filled the ball with the crinkle paper and then carefully applied the decal to the outside. I still need to tie a ribbon on it to hang it, but am loving how it turned out. I am thinking if I can find a Patriots decal I can use the crinkle paper for one for them.

The next two ornaments I used the smaller clear ball ornaments that come in a two pack. For the first one I put a package of the smaller red jingle bells and a package of the smaller gold jingle bells into it. This ornament cost a total of $2.50. 

The other clear ball I covered in washi tape. I found music washi tape. I had to use small pieces near the top and bottom to cover it and there are wrinkles in it which is impossible not to have, but I am very happy with it. I also added two jingle bells to the inside so it would play music as well. This ornament cost a total of $1.50.

The other ornaments I made are perfect for my Thirty-One party. I saved some personalized Thirty-One holiday products and used these as pictures. I also did one photo of Hazel, but it did not print very well. I printed these pictures on a page of sticker paper. Then using a punch I punched them out and just stuck them on the snowflake ornaments. I used another one on the other side so the sticker wouldn't get ruined or stick to the tree.  I bought the size that comes in a ten pack. 

I love how the Thirty-One ornaments came out. I am going to play with the photo option one. I already had the sticker paper and the punch so all ten of these ornaments cost me $1. 

These could be made with stickers or whatever you want to decorate the snowflakes with. Here are some of them close up. I love how they turned out and how the Thirty-One holiday fabrics and personalizations show up. What do you think? Do you think they will be good prizes?

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