Krazy for Christmas -- a Crafty Weekends Review & Link Party

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Now we all know that Krazy Glue works great at fixing broken things. In fact it is Steve's go to glue for fixing all the broken toys and things in our house. And I used it to fix Hazel's clay ornament that she made in her arts and crafts class at school the other week. The trunk of her Christmas tree fell off and her Christmas tree was her favorite ornament she made.

 She hung it up as soon as the glue was dry. I was sent a dual pack of Krazy Glue to review.

The idea is not just to use it for crafts and not just repairs. I did a little shopping for ideas. I went to Target, Rite Aid and Dollar Tree. At Target I bought two small cake plates in their Spot area of the store. They were each $5. I also bought some Christmas erasers for $1 per pack and a package of mini ornaments for $1 all in the Spot at Target. I had bought some faux pearl stickers as well as Rite Aid.

I used the pearl stickers on the red cake plate. However to make sure they would stay on I used the Krazy Glue on them. That way I can wash the plate when I need to. I love how it came out and would also use it for Valentine's Day or really any day. The green one however I made special for Christmas. I glued the erasers on to the scalloped edge and then glued on the ornaments. The ornaments however did not stick well with the Krazy Glue so I used my glue gun. The wire just was not quite enough to stick and I couldn't hold it steady enough to get it to set. Aren't they festive?

I used a flameless candle from Dollar Tree. I used the Krazy Glue to decorate it with the erasers and also a red bead garland. With the round beads I used some transparent tape to get them to set.

 I used the red bead garland on a mini fish bowl from Dollar Tree as well. Then I made a poinsettia fairy (from a fake poinsettia from Dollar Tree) using a wooden bead, some doll hair and a pipe cleaner to go in the display. I used fake snow pellets for the bottom and put a little tree in it. Needless to say it is for Hazel. She loves it!

 I bought one of those jar candles at Rite Aid and added a little garland around the top of the jar to make it more festive. I thought about doing this for some teacher gifts. Again I had to use tape to get it to set.

 I found these silver plastic napkin rings at Dollar Tree as well as some of the glass gems often used for vases or candles and used the glue to make festive napkin rings. 

 I also made some festive clips using the erasers. Aren't they cute? How are you getting krazy this Christmas? 

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!

Thank you to everyone who shared with us at last week's party!! It was another fun party. Below are some features from the party, but this is just a small sample of great ideas shared! The party was filled with lots of Christmas ideas plus a few non-Christmas ones. This week the features are in two groups: Non-Christmas Crafts and Christmas Crafts. 

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Non-Christmas Craft Features

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Christmas Crafts

1) From Creating Something Really Awesome (C.R.A.F.T.): Cardboard Box Train Costume

2) From A Dish of Daily Life: DIY Christmas Tree Topiary

3) From Rain on a Tin Roof: How to Make Christmas Stocking Holders in Five Minutes

4) From Growing Up Gabel: Colorful Felt Candy Garland

5) From The Scrap Shoppe: Rustic Moss Christmas Tree

6) From Refresh Living: Upcycled Santa Coffee Can Craft
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