A Doggone Christmas -- a New Christmas Movie Review

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So many new movies come out each Christmas and some are worth seeing, but many are not. Today I am going to share one that we love. In fact Hazel wanted to watch it again right after watching it, but waited a couple of days and brought it to my mother-in-law's house today and my mother-in-law kept telling her to be quiet because she wanted to watch the movie. She loved it!! The movie is A Doggone Christmas starring Just Jesse the Jack

So if you are looking for a fun family Christmas film to watch this week, check out A Doggone Christmas. In this fun story, a dog has a special talent and the U.S. Army wants him because of it. However the dog manages to escape off the train that is transporting him. With the help of some new friends (a group of kids) he manages to lose his tracking tags and find some places to hide, but when the FBI shows up on the doorstep of two of the boys will they find the dog? This film shows Christmas spirit, love and fun. 

This film entertained three generations here and had us all enthralled in the story line. It is a story with the small guy against the big government and the small guy is the dog and the kids. It is packed with action and fun and lots of love. I hope you will check it out. You can buy your own DVD or you can download a copy of it if you do not have time to get it sent to you. I hope you and your family enjoy it!!

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