History, Food & Health

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today I am going to share three books. One is on the history of everything--the universe, earth and people. The next is on the history of food. The final is a beginner's guide to essential oils--a hot topic these days.We will start in the beginning with Absolutely Everything!: A History of Earth, Dinosaurs, Rulers, Robots and Other Things Too Numerous to Mention by Christopher Lloyd.  

This book is recommended for ages 10 to 14. It starts with the big bang theory and goes from there. There is the forming of the Earth, the land and seas and then the dinosaurs. It goes through evolution of man to the ancient cultures--Natufians, Sumerians, Babylonians and so on. It goes into the Middle East, Asia, as well as the Americas and Europe. The history is very complete and relates to different resources. It is definitely very scientifical and not Christian. It discusses the lack of historical evidence for some of the Bible stories and reasons to make them up. Besides that I find the book very interesting and a wonderful resource for the history of our world as well as civilization.

 It goes through more modern history as well including the world wars and into current times with pictures of "Black Lives Matter" protestors and more. 

One of the things I like are the time lines on the chapter beginning pages. The chapters are color coded for times and information as well. This is a wonderful resource for a classroom or homeschool.

Our next book is Food Fight! A Mouthwatering History of Who Ate What and Why Through the Ages by Tanya Steel. This is a National Geographic Kids book and in true fashion it is full of fun facts and photographs!! It is recommended for ages 10 to 12. It starts with cave people and goes through the sixties and future. Each chapter contains recipes to celebrate that time and place. There are chapters on Egypt, Greece, Rome, Medival, Mongols and the Silk Road, the Reinaissance, various revolutions, world wars, the Great Depression, and more! It is full of fun information and relates it to how the kids would have lived and eaten in these times and places. There are boxes with common foods, what tables would have looked like and more. I also love that there are recipes to celebrate each time and place. There are recipes like Cave Kid Trail Mix and Let Them Eat Quiche.  Ready to travel through time and learn about life then! This book is for you!

Our final book is Stephanie Tourles's Essential Oils. Have you seen posts about essential oils or know someone selling them? I see the posts all the time on Facebook. Are you curious about them? This book can help. Stephanie Tourles shares her knowledge about essential oils and how to use them to help wtih common ailments including sunburn relief, destressing and so many other things. 

She explains how to use 25 popular essential oils. She gives recipes to use them properly as well as explanations about each oil and ways to mix them. 

If you want to learn more about essential oils and begin some holistic healing practices in your home, this book is perfect to get started. There is a recipe for almost every ailment you can think of and it is broken down into easy to make and use steps. 

I hope you will check out these three books. Learn a bit about history and how to help you and your family stay healthy.