Keeping the Meaning of Christmas in Your Family's Life during the Crazy Holiday Season

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of these books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Every holiday season I look for resources to help my family keep Jesus in the front of our minds. This year I found two books--one for me and one for Hazel (and possibly the whole family) to read together. Both are from Sarah Young's Jesus Calling series. I am sharing them nice and early so you can get a copy for yourself and your family and experience Jesus during the crazy season. The one for children is Jesus Calling The Story of Christmas

This book reminds us that the story of Jesus does not start with Christmas. Actually it starts in the beginning when there was nothing. Jesus was there during creation with God. God had plans for Christmas long before Jesus came to Earth as a baby. The prophets told us all about his coming. People didn't always understand and certainly didn't expect the Savior to come as a baby, but he did. He gave up the comfort and riches of heaven and became a helpless infant born in a stable. Why? Because Jesus and God love us that much. This is how we could be assured of everlasting life as long as we have faith in Jesus. This book puts all of this into a story that can be read all together or a page a day. There is scripture on the pages, the story and then a special section called Jesus Calling which is written as the voice of Jesus. 

The pictures are colorful and meaningful. I love how this book takes the reader from creation to the work of Jesus as a grown man. It tells us the story and the importance of Jesus.  It will become a must read every year book for many families. 

Now for myself I found Jesus Calling for Christmas. Like all the books in the Jesus Calling series it is written as if Jesus is speaking to the reader. The pages are filled with photographs of the season as well as scripture and a message from Jesus that will bring Christ back to your Christmas. I find Sarah's devotionals to always bring my mind to what is important and often what is missing--Jesus. It helps set my mind to focus on God and remind me to trust Jesus throughout the day. This book is no different. It helps remind me to trust and pray to Jesus throughout the day as well as the season. Let's face it, the holidays can be stressful and chaotic. It is important to remember the reason we are celebrating and not get caught up in the greed and commercialism that surrounds us at this time. 

After each devotional there are scripture verses that relate to the devotional. It is almost proof of what Sarah has written in the voice of Jesus is God's word. Plus the beautiful photographs of nature in the winter and holiday season bring your mind to all the beauty of the season! 

I hope you will check out these books and add them to your holiday season. I know you will not be disappointed! Plus for other ways we have focused our season on Jesus, check out: Advent Table, The Beautiful Word for Christmas, Make and Play Nativity, Nativity Crafts, First Words of Jesus, the real Christmas stories--books for families to read together, The Sparkle Box, Ishtar's Odyssey, Simple Nativity Crafts, Clay Nativity, and Focus on the Nativity.