First Words of Jesus -- Mommy Time Review

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 As we enter the busy holiday season, have you taken time to consider the Greatest Gift of all? We often hear this time of year that Jesus is the Greatest Gift, but what does that gift mean to you? Stu Epperson, Jr. helps explain and explore this in his new book, First Words of Jesus.

This book takes the reader on a journey through the Bible to look at the key players in the Christmas story as well as asking "Why do you seek Jesus?" and answering it for the various characters in the Bible. The first words of Jesus in the Bible are from when he is twelve and his parents find him in the temple after searching for him for three days. So many times people are frustrated when God does not work the way they want Him to in their lives, but we do not always understand His ways. Herod sought Jesus because he wanted to destroy him so he would have no competition as king. The magi sought him to worship him and bring him gifts. The shepherds sought him to see God's glory and worship him. Each of us seeks Jesus for different reasons, but do we truly want to be saved by him?

This thought provoking book takes the reader on a journey to really look at one's own beliefs in Jesus, his life and story. Things I had not really considered before are now floating in my head. Think about why Jesus was born. We all love to celebrate the baby, but his real reason to live was to die for all of our sins. This book takes the reader there and many other places to consider and helps set the tone of a serious holiday and getting to the true meaning of Christmas. I find the book engrossing and endearing. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to focus on the religious meaning of Christmas and not just the nice cover story.

On a side note in the chapter about King Herod, I found the comments about Herod as a politician saying anything to get his way to ring so true of our politicians today. Although I do not think our politicians would kill all the boys in an area under the age of two thankfully, but this is part of the Christmas story as well and it is a part we do not think about or remember too much.  Anyway, I hope you will check out this great new book.