Sticker Fun! -- Review of Sticker Activity Books

Disclosure: I was sent these products free of charge. All opinions in my review are my own and I did not receive any other compensation. As always I am providing links to the book for your convenience.

One of the things that keeps Hazel busy are sticker activity books. She gets so excited for them. Today I am going to share with you four new sticker activity books for different ages!! I am going to start with the older kids. The first is Sticker Shape Create by Thereza Rowe.

This fun book gives instructions on how to use shape stickers to create various every day things with the help of some drawing (see the birds on the cover). The book comes with various shape stickers in different colors. Now Hazel was working in this book for quite awhile. I thought she was getting a lot done, however she was actually just enjoying making up her own town. 
She named things after many of her favorite things. Can you tell? Each page has some samples of the thing to create and then leaves spaces for the child's creations. Apparently Hazel did not like drawing the windows on the buildings because only one of hers has them. The other pages include animals, ships, space and more as well as a spot for the child's own ideas. This book is perfect for teaching some art as well as geometry!!

In our next book, Stuck on Fun! by Jannie Ho, paper dolls meets stickers and creating. This book has background scenes, punch out cardboard animals, fun papers to make clothes and accessories, stencils for clothes and accessories and sticker tape. The child will need some glue to make the clothes stick on, but otherwise it is just plain creativity. Hazel wanted to start with the bunny. She picked out a paper for the dress and one for her high heels. We put her in front of the circus scene.
Next Hazel wanted to do the owl, but she thought the owl was so cute that clothes would take away from her. So she only added an accessory!!

This scene has the friends visiting. Other scenes include outer space and a street. There are many animal punch-outs as well as a rocket, alien and robots! The clothes include top, skirt, jumper, dress, ties, shoes and more! I wish there was more patterned papers as there is only two sheets (double sided but you can only use one side if you glue them on). In the beginning of the book there are project ideas including cards, bookmarks and more! It is definitely perfect for your creative kids. The suggested ages are 5-8. Hazel was able to do this book on her own.

Our next two books are for the younger kids. They are a series called Jumbo Stickers for Little Hands by Jomike Tejido. They include reusable vinyl stickers and scenes to place them on. The suggested age for these book is 3-5. Hazel however loves these books and does not find them too young for her. The first is the Jungle Animals. Hazel only did a little bit with this book. 

However she did show a good variety of the available stickers on the pages.

I did check to see how easy the stickers are to remove and reuse and they peel off very easily and still stick well. The second book is Farm Animals.

Apparently Hazel really liked the Farm Animals since she used almost every sticker in it. I'll only share a few pages with you though. Some of the farm scenes have palm trees and others have apple trees and the stickers include wild animals as well as the farm animals.

There are camels, deer, moose, llamas, ostriches and more!! This is quite the set of farm animals.

So if you are looking for some fun sticker activity books be sure to check these out. I'm going to keep working on Hazel to give these younger ones to her younger friends.