Clay Nativity Ornaments

Today we are sharing our fun and simple Christmas ornaments. Hazel is making these for all of her teachers and family members as their Christmas gift. The idea came from making a nativity set using clay and nativity cookie cutters. This was one of our crafts at our Night in Bethlehem last year, but Hazel did not try it since I was busy and Steve is not that into doing crafts. I made a sample one up for the church event this year.

While I used the terra cotta clay I gave Hazel colored clay to use since it was easier to manipulate. To make the nativity set we patted and did a little rolling out of the clay and used nativity cookie cutters. We used the cookie cutters we found on Amazon. A few of our colored ones were too thin to really stand, so eventually I am going to glue them to popsicle sticks to have them stand.

Then we started using the rest of the clay scraps and made thinner ornaments. We used a straw to punch a hole for a ribbon or string.

Then I thought about putting them together to be one ornament. We used the Mary, Joseph, manger and star cookie cutters and came up with these.
We left them to dry overnight and they came out great. Now I need to add the ribbons and we can wrap them up.

We had fun playing with the arrangement and the colors of the different figures.

We made five of them the first day and then started making some more the other day.

We liked them so much that we decided this would be the clay craft for this year's Night in Bethlehem. Hazel also wanted to be creative with the clay. She made her self out of clay.

We made the pears from our pear exploration and she made a blue heart. I called it a "Frozen" heart. 

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