More Autumn Fairies

Last week we shared our autumn peg dolls using fake leaves as clothes. Today we used fall paper doilies as our clothes on clothespins. We started by making ones with the sunflower doilies. We decided to use them as skirts and used markers to make their tops. Then cut a slit in the center of the doily and glued it on as a skirt. We did two layers of skirts on most of them.

Hazel decided to decorate some of the doilies more with the markers. I love how this one turned out. We also had red and orange leaf doilies.I made one using part of the leaf to be sleeves and Hazel decided to make a skirt again with decorations.
We also had orange pumpkin doilies. Hazel wrapped one around a clothespin and then used an orange leaf as its cape. She also wrapped one in an orange leaf. She added the faces and hair for all of them.

Hazel keeps telling me how much fun it is to make peg dolls. She is loving them.
Happy Autumn!