Simple Nativity Crafts

For Advent, I thought I would share each post where our Mouse and the Miracle Mouse (Holy) has been up to. (He now has an elf friend named Elfie who often is hidden with him.)
Elfie looking out dollhouse window.
Holy is on the other side of the dollhouse

We have had a busy and exciting weekend. Our Saturday started with a trip to our town's Holiday Stroll. At the school we went to they did not have Santa Claus, but had the Frozen characters.
Hazel was on top of the world and brought her autograph book for them to sign. (I think it may have made the high school students day to be asked to sign an autograph book.)
Roman Soldier visiting the Holy family

After the stroll I was off to finish the set-up of my church's Night in Bethlehem and kick it off. It was a long day but we had lots of fun. The sheep arrived in the morning and were there when I arrived. It was a day full of a live nativity and Biblical Time Crafts in our marketplace. 

Hazel was having so much fun visiting the inn that the innkeeper brought her "inside" to try being innkeeper for a bit. We love this day as it is a reminder of how amazing Christmas is and what a gift God gave us in Jesus!

With all this thought of the real reason for the season I thought I would share a couple simple nativity crafts. The first one we did at our Advent Workshop at church last week. Hazel was sick though so I brought home the supplies to make one and the supplies for a second one of which I did not already have.

My Nativity
At the workshop we covered the bodies in felt, however since I had the curvy woman peg doll I used paint on this set. Needed for this craft are two peg dolls (preferably different sizes or shapes), a small wooden ball or bead, a wooden disk for base, a small dowel and a wooden star, a cotton ball, white felt (2.5 inch square), glue, a piece of a pipe cleaner, felt or paint and fabric for head covers (2 by 3 inch rectangle).

Nativity with Felt Clothes
A hole needs to be drilled into the star and disk for the dowel to fit in. This was already done for us, so we started by putting the dowel and star into the disk. Next we dressed the peg dolls. I used glue at home for this. At church we also had double sided tape. To make Baby Jesus, hold the square looking like a diamond and glue the cotton ball around the center. Then swaddle the cotton ball by folding the bottom corner up, then wrapping the sides tightly. Glue the final side. Then glue the wooden ball as the head at the opening. Once all the characters are dressed, glue them where you want them.

The final craft someone made for me as an idea for another Advent Workshop craft. She said she has seen it with popsicle sticks and used tongue depressors instead. I think we may try making one of these soon. 

It uses three craft sticks to make a triangle stable. Glue a wooden star at the top with rope to hang. Glue the small curvy clothespins as Mary and Joseph. Then cut the legs on one for the baby with some straw or hay. She painted it all gold with spray paint. Isn't it adorable?

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