DIY American Girl Doll Themed Birthday Party with Free Printables

For Hazel's sixth birthday, we decided to have a small family party and a friends party. So on her birthday we invited her grandparents (and aunts and cousin who live too far to come) and a few close friends like her godparents and their daughter. Since Steve always takes Hazel's birthday off and her grandparents are retired, we had the party on her actual birthday. We had all three of her living grandparents, her godparents' daughter (age 3) with her grandmother and one of my best friends with her two boys (ages 4 and 1) who Hazel loves. The invitations invited the guests to bring a doll with them. Only the two boys did. Hazel wore the crown I got at the American Girl Doll Store for my birthday and Ducky wore one of the ones that the dolls got. 

The dolls were given mini tiaras that I found on clearance at Target. Unfortunately the boys' dolls did not have hair for the tiaras.

Hazel and I also made the dolls cupcakes following the instructions from Sneaky Art. We served the dolls with tea sets I found at the Dollar Tree.

We also made doll sized napkins from the napkins we were using for the party. We followed the tutorial at Zakka Life. I cut the napkins and Hazel folded them.

We also made each doll a noise maker following the tutorial at Daydream Doll Boutique. We made one for Ducky as well, but used more pipe cleaner so we could wrap it around his wing so he wouldn't lose it.

I also bought some expresso cups at Starbucks that were available for Christmas with red, pink and white stripes. They were the perfect size for little hands of children. The children used them when they had the cake. I also made a doll size banner that read "Happy Birthday!" You can print your own at this link.
I added red, white and pink water balloons blown up as doll size balloons. Then I put one of Hazel's dolls on the table. Hazel dressed her in the American Girl Doll "Let's Celebrate!" t-shirt that she got at the American Girl Doll Store in the party favor bag. We also put on one of the balloons she got in the party favor bags.

I put all of these things on a child size table covered with a pink cloth. This picture was taken before the balloons were up and before Hazel dressed her doll.

I also made a large size star banner that says "Happy Birthday, Hazel!" Hazel taped the stars in order on ribbon so I could hang it. You can get your own copy here. I gave you some empty stars to personalize it. For the banners and invitations I used the Inner Star Font found here.

I also hung two shades of pink tulle ribbons along our banisters and around the chandelier. I had them leftover from past parties and received them from Shindigz to review. We also hung a fluffy paper flower/ball and some pink balloons. Sorry by the time I took a picture one of the balloons fell down.

Our final DYI decoration was making a star with picture on it. I hung it on the door to greet the guests. I folded three pieces of scrapbook paper in half and drew a half star on the top one and cut all three out. Then I took one out of the fold to be the bottom one and cut a small piece of the other two off and finally took just one of those and cut some more off. Then I glued them all together and added a picture from the American Girl Doll party this summer of Hazel and her Hazel doll. I punched a hole in all three layers and put a pipe cleaner in to hang it. I also added sixes with glitter glue.

For this party since we did not have it at the American Doll Store I told Hazel we could order a cake from the bakery instead of baking our own.  She picked a yellow cake with raspberry mousse filling and buttercream frosting. I asked them to use red, white and pink and stars. The cake is delicious and was beautiful!!

In my rush to get out with the cake since the younger kids were really anxious I accidentally only put on four candles and no one said anything to me until I realized it a few hours later. We also served white grape raspberry juice with raspberry sorbet as punch, vanilla ice cream and my mother-in-law brought an Edible Arrangement. It was fun! Hazel told me it was better than having the party at the American Girl Doll Store!

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