Sign Here ... Review

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Do you know a child who has trouble communicating his or her feelings? Or maybe one who hates writing thank you notes and other letters? This book is perfect for them and really for any kid who wants to have fun, express him/herself and laugh. The book is Sign Here by Gabrielle Djanogly and illustrated by Adele Mildred. 

With forms about emotions like "Declaration of Sad" or "Celebration of Happy" kids are able to share how they are feeling. They are issued by the United States of Emotions by the way. There is even an apology form because let's face it apologizing can be hard. 
There are letters to Santa as a form to check off and fill in. There is a Thank You Form. There are even forms to request being told a story and a Dream Request form.

These forms are great because they are entertaining, but they also aer thought provoking. The child thinks about where they feel sad or why. Talk about a learning activity for both the child and the reader of the filled out form. Some of the forms are just fun and others will make the child do some self-evaluation.

When Hazel saw this book she loved it!! She couldn't wait to check them all out and start filling them out. It is a fun and entertaining book. Plus it can be helpful for self discovery as well as communicagtion skills.  It is recommended for aged six and over and I could see it being a fun holiday or birthday gift. I hope you will check it out!