Doll Food Finds

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I haven't shared with you any of cheap doll finds lately and have had a few of these sitting there waiting to be shared so here they are. Now the first finds I found around the start of the school year. I think they were either at Target or Michael's but am not sure. The first is a burger pencil sharpener and french fries eraser set. They are on one of Hazel's dishes for her dolls to show you the size.

As long as the sharpener hole is turned away or towards the fries it looks perfect for the doll. We also love pizza (although probably with less toppings than this one). This pizza eraser set is perfect for dolls.
Two slices fit on a plate.

Then of course Hazel loves tea parties and so do her dolls. (Apparently her dolls need to get some new hair styles!!)
Hazel pulled out her mini ceramic tea set so the dolls could enjoy the various types of tea. The boxes are from scented erasers but are the perfect size for doll tea.
What kind of tea would you like?

Now our other big news is that Hazel got the doctor doll from Target (Our Generation Nicola doll). She is pictured above with all her doctor accessories that she comes with. Hazel has set her up an office and renamed her Dr. Lucy. She is among her top favorite dolls now. She loves having the various doctor tools and x-rays for her dolls.  They also have the Meagan surgeon doll.

I also love their scientist dolls.They have a blonde and a brunette. Now we can talk STEAM with our girls and their dolls!!

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