Cheap Doll Finds

I found some fun doll things at some of the discount stores this week. I thought I would share them here. Let's start with our game.

Hazel and Mimi are playing the Game of Life while enjoying a beverage in red party cups. I found the Game of Life keychain at Five Below and the plastic red cups at Walmart. I found the Game of Life is also available (for more money) at Amazon.  It comes with a playing piece car and the spinner moves.

I also found at Five Below a small Etch a Sketch which came in an Easter egg. They are available on eBay at more money. The Etch a Sketch actually works too!

Hazel and Mimi also did some crafts using sparkly notebooks I found at Walgreens in the Valentine's Day Clearance (4 for $0.50) and glitter (nail glitter) from The Dollar Tree. I also put their scissors in the picture which came with Isabella's sewing closet.

Here is a close up of the supplies.I may go buy some more glitter just for the little bottles. I found them near the registers.

The final item came from Target's The Spot. It is for Hazel's Grace Thomas Bakery. They are little wire baskets to hold breads. We put in some tan pom poms in one to be a basket of rolls. We are going to make loaves of bread out of clay.

Those are our doll finds for this week! We will be sharing more soon!! For other doll ideas check out: