Doll Valentine Play Date

 Disclosure: I was sent these craft lots to review free of charge from Oriental Trading. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I added links to the particular products for your convenience, but not for any compensation. 

Every year Hazel's school usually has the Friday around Valentine's off for a teacher's development day and it is right before February vacation. The past couple of years we have invited some friends over for a Valentine's Day playdate. This year we invited friends and their dolls. Two girls were able to come and the three girls had so much fun!! When they first arrived they picked out a mailbox for their doll and decorated it. I picked up small mailboxes at Target in The Spot section for $1 each. 

After decorating the mailboxes they made cards to put in each other's and their doll's mailbox. I left out some printouts (bottom picture) which I took premade Valentines, artwork and puzzles and shrunk them to about doll size for them. They also had these great Mini Gift Cards from Oriental Trading (middle picture). The gift cards came with envelopes, so they looked official.

These are all ones I made after the girls were done. I helped fill their mailboxes.

While the girls were making Valentines I got the food ready. Hazel picked out two kinds of cookies for the girls and some raspberry lemonade. I also made Cupid's Arrows by putting some red grapes on a toothpick and a strawberry on each end. If I had cut the berries to be more arrowish/heartish they would have looked better.

I had the table set for the dolls already. Hazel and I made some cookies from Model Magic. We also put her doll cupcakes on a cupcake stand (from Joann Fabrics) as a cake plate.

There was a doll place setting next to each girl's place setting. I cut the paper napkins into fours and folded them for the dolls' napkins. We used the tea set we reviewed the other day and some plates and spoons that Hazel has for her dolls.

Once the table was ready the girls brought their dolls to the table for a snack.

There were also goody bags for the girls. They were filled with some of the things we have reviewed previously as well as a mini take-out box with Valentine fortune cookie erasers (I found them at Target), a mini fan which is the perfect size for a doll and a heart shaped box and coil found at a discount store. Each doll was also given a tiara to wear which we reviewed the other day.

The girls loved the goody bags. They especially loved the fans. All of them were playing with them.  The dolls sat on the table near their place setting and the girls picked treats for them all.

After the snack the girls went off to play with the dolls and each other. They had their dolls take a turn at hitting the pinata, but I didn't have my camera on me at the time. Then they played house.  It was a wonderful time. We are already planning an Easter playdate in March for the dolls and girls. I will be able to review all the great doll sized Easter items we got from Oriental Trading as well. 

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