Lucky Ducky Valentines with Free Printables

Now I know I have talked about Hazel's Ducky before. When I saw this idea for a Valentine, I knew we had to do it. Of course, I cannot find where I saw it. Sorry!! However, I found red and pink mini rubber ducks at Michaels and bought two packages of 8.
(You can also find others at Oriental Trading like these neon ones which we actually have to review at another time.) I made these cards to print on postcards (4 to a page). You can get a pdf of them here. We are going to attach the ducks with either glue dots or double-sided tape (whichever I find first). I also made one for her teacher.

The pdf for the teacher one is available here. We will also be decorating a glass heart shape vase from the Dollar Tree and making paper flowers as a gift for her teacher. We will probably do it tomorrow since she has another snow day.

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