Easy Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe Game Craft

I have been seeing these felt tic-tac-toe games for Valentine's Day everywhere. Some are for sale and others are crafts made by kids or parents. I wanted to give it a try. I thought about sewing it all and making the lines out of stitches, but I wanted it to be simple enough for a child to make so I decided on gluing on ribbons.

I found felt heart stickers at Michaels and was lazy so I bought them. It would be just as easy to cut them from felt yourself. Between the four feet of snow we have gotten with more in the forecast and getting the virus Hazel had a couple of weeks ago, I decided to be lazy. I cut a large heart out of red felt. Then I measured the thin gold ribbon for the game lines. I glued them on. I also cut a piece of scrap red felt to make a pocket for storage of the game pieces. I glued it on three sides. (Our glue is still drying, I may touch up the pocket with some stitches for reinforcement.) 

You could also use conversation heart candies for pieces--just pick out five of two different colors. When the glue is dry it will be ready to play.

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