Cheap Doll Finds

It has been almost a month since I shared our cheap doll finds with you. I thought I would share some more with you today. Today's came from The Dollar Tree, Staples and Michaels.

Awhile ago I shared the soccer ball (along with #1 fingers for the cheerers) I found for Hazel's dolls. Now I found the right sized baseball for her dolls. Now they just need a bat and mitts. I found these sports bounce balls in the party favor section at Micahels.

Then I am always on the look-out for lamps and such. I hit the jackpot at the Dollar Tree. Hazel broke her old lantern so I found a more realistic one.
Then I found a solar lamp that is almost the right size for a table lamp.

It has an on-off switch but works on solar power. Hazel loves being able to turn all of these lights on and off for her dolls.

Then I found a mini desk lamp. It reminded me of the lamps I had growing up in the 1980s and yes it turns on and off as well.

I found this one in the tech area. It has a magnetic bottom.

I also picked up another tea set. Apparently they are seasonal since they were near impossible to find for Hazel's American Girl Doll Themed Birthday Party. Now they are back in full stock. I picked up another one just in case we want it. They are in the toy section. There are also toy pots and pans that look roughly the correct size (possible a bit big, but would work). If I ever get around to making a kitchen for Hazel I will get the pans from the Dollar Tree.

Finally in the craft section I found these character tapes in mini dispensers. I thought the dispenser is just the right size for a doll.

 I bought two of Hazel's favorite characters for her to have the tape, but now her doll can tape things as well, perhaps a birthday gift since that is what we were looking for invisible tape to do recently.

Speaking of birthday gifts, we also found these gift bags in the Clearance section at our Staples. I think they were each around 25 cents.

They are the perfect doll size. I even stuck a piece of tissue paper (well actually I think I found a cupcake liner from Hazel's mess of craft supplies near her doll area) in one.
We also found at Staples these adorable magnetic picture frames. My dream/goal is to make an 18-inch dollhouse out of shelves in the alcove of Hazel's bedroom. I figured I could use these with some pictures of Hazel and her dolls.

For even more DIY doll ideas check out the following as well as the links above: