March Happenings & Announcements

March is coming in a like a lion in New England with yet another snow storm predicted today/tonight and another storm later this week. We may actually beat the record in Boston for the snowiest season ever (I think we need 5.5 inches now to do it). I know I cannot wait for spring!! Seeing this artwork in a yard we drove by really cheered me up. Hazel now wants to paint on our snow.

So with spring beginning this month we will start focusing on spring crafts!! We will also be preparing for Easter and talking a bit about Lent.

We also will be starting our new exploration of the world with a country a month. I have not finalized the name or button but here is one I am thinking about. This month we will be focusing on Italy.

It is also Women's History Month! We will be featuring some posts on Women's History as well as joining the Multicultural Kid Blogs Women's History Month Blog Series! Our first woman looked at will be the great mathematician, Hypatia. 
We will be continuing our Multicultural Mathematics Series with our Women's History Month as well as the big Pi Day celebration. I have seen this year called the Pi Day of the Century since 3.1415926... is pi and the date corresponds with the first five digits and if you celebrate at 9:26 you can have more digits!! Stay tuned for our multicultural look at pi!!

Then I am really excited for a challenge from Penguin Kids. They are forming some Pinterest Boards around Birthday Party Ideas for Book Lovers involving their books. They have challenged me and asked me to extend the challenge to you as well to make our own Pinterest Boards (and I'll write some reviews about mine) with children's books as the theme. I already have one for The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Kevin Henkes' My Garden. Penguin Kids will be sending me some books to review (and use as a theme) and to giveaway later this month along this theme as well!!

Plus we will have more book reviews, crafts, and other fun things!! Stay tuned for a very fun March!!