50 Animal Crafts for Little Kids - Book Review

Disclosure: I was sent a this ebook to review free of charge from Georgina Bomer. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to each item for your convenience but do not receive anything if you purchase them.

Continuing on our theme of National Craft Month, we are reviewing another wonderful craft book, 50 Animal Crafts for Little Kids by Georgina Bomer. This book is available in now out of print.

When Hazel was home sick the other day (again) she and I looked through the book. I asked her which craft she wanted to do, and she basically picked all of them. I made her choose a few favorites. Her favorite was the swimming duck craft. We had to do that one as well as a couple more. The book is divided into six sections of crafts plus an introduction with supplies to have on hand and such. I found we had most of the supplies. In the introduction Georgina gives the website she often gets her templates from. This is honestly the only thing missing in the book. I wish she had provided templates but getting to choose your own is also fun for some projects. For the duck we used a duck cookie cutter I recently bought. And yes, the duck does swim across the pond! In the book, the instructions have you painting the plate blue and the white cardstock yellow, but we had a blue plate and yellow cardstock.

We also made the swan craft from the Birds section. I told her we needed to pick some crafts from other sections too, so we did not make the peacock yet.

Hazel also wanted to make the pig craft. These were the three paper plate crafts we made. The pig was in the Farm Animal Section.

As you can see from the crafts we picked there is a large variety of animals. Hazel loved making all of these crafts. We also made the octopus from the Ocean Animals and Fish section. 

Next she wanted to do the polar bear craft. Since we had to print this out from the computer (my polar bear drawing skills are not great) we expanded on it.
I also printed out a panda bear for Hazel. (Of course, for the bears my black ink was running out, so we marked over all the black lines and coloring.) Hazel did the polar bear all by herself and I did the outlines on the panda bear, and she colored the larger spaces in.
Hazel had so much fun doing all of these crafts. Then she needed to rest a bit before she began crafting on her own. All of the crafts in this book are simple for young children and easy to set up. I found I had the materials in our craft supplies and it was a fun book to let Hazel chose a craft and try.

It is a great book for any parent or teacher of young children. I know we will be trying some of the other crafts in it.

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