Easter Baskets for American Girl Dolls

Disclosure: I was sent these items to review free of charge from Oriental Trading. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to each item for your convenience but do not receive anything if you purchase them.

We have been getting ready for Easter with Hazel's dolls. We had a lot of fun filling baskets for them. Most of the supplies including the baskets came from Oriental Trading. We found a few other items elsewhere. Hazel kept making baskets while I took some pictures. She really was enjoying making them. 

We used Mini Pastel Easter Baskets for the baskets. For Easter eggs we got Easter Egg Stacking Pencils. We took them apart and took the lead out and used them in the Easter baskets. For jelly beans we used the jelly bean beads I mentioned the other day. They were a little large, but Hazel was happy with them. We also got Mini Neon Rubber Ducks, which also work well in the doll bath tub! Because of Ducky, Hazel tends to want ducks in her Easter baskets, so I figured she would want them for her dolls. Then for bunnies we got Bunny Rings. They reminded me of Peeps.

We also added little pom pom chicks that they sell at all the craft stores this time of the year. We also found some styrafoam sparkly eggs at the Dollar Tree. I bought two mixed packages: brights and pastels. We made some Model Magic chocolate bunnies and crosses using our mini Easter cookie cutters. If I had seen these Chocolate Bunny Erasers at Oriental Trading, I would have used them instead. We also used the Peeps cake decorations of the bunnies. They were a bit small, but the best I could find. I wanted a mini cookie cutter to make a Peeps by needle felting, but could not find one the right size. Then I bought a package of thin paper grass. The pictures above give you an idea of sizes to the doll. Below is a basket of the different kinds of Easter eggs we used for comparison.

Above is a picture of Mimi taking a bath with her rubber ducks. We used a light blue blanket as the water.

As I pulled things out of the box to stuff our baskets, I was pleasantly surprised to find a package of mini jars and one was filled with the mini charms we had gotten and forgotten about. The jars will be used in Hazel's doll's kitchen. I took two of the Mini Heart Charms and used wire and elastic string to make necklaces for the dolls. I had meant to use these at the Valentine Doll Play Date. We will have to make some for her friends' dolls.

The charms are the perfect size for the dolls, but they were hard to thread. I finally gave up and used a wire through them so they would hang the correct way as well. I was planning on using different thread which might have been easier, but I couldn't find it quickly. 

I think I shared the mini fans before, but not with the doll. Here is Hazel holding one of the mini hot pink fans.  They are the perfect doll size!

That was the fun we had getting Hazel's dolls ready for Easter. Will your dolls have an Easter basket this year?

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