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50 Animal Crafts for Little Kids - Book Review

Disclosure: I was sent a this ebook to review free of charge from Georgina Bomer. All opinions in this post are my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. I am including links to each item for your convenience but do not receive anything if you purchase them.

Continuing on our theme of National Craft Month, we are reviewing another wonderful craft book, 50 Animal Crafts for Little Kids by Georgina Bomer. This book is available in now out of print.

Spring Fever = Time Outdoors!

Spring has finally arrived in New England!! We went from below average temperatures to warmer than average and lots of sunshine this week. I am loving it and so is Hazel. As a result, our craft ideas are put aside for being outside. We have been exploring nature and just playing. Here are some of our adventures from this week.

Happy Family Times #21--A Trip to Boston

Have you done something fun with your family this week? Kelly at Happy Whimsical Hearts and I are collecting everyone's activities to inspire all of us to spend more time with our families! Please share your story below.

This past week we spent lots of time together as a family. Steve had the week off and we planned several day trips and things to do locally. The one we all looked forward to, especially Hazel, was going into Boston. We took the subway in (Boston has America's oldest subway but parts of it are above ground--you can read more about the history here). It was Hazel's first time on the subway or a real train (besides the small ones at the zoo and malls). She was so excited. The picture above is on the first train. The picture below is waiting for Daddy to purchase the Charlie Tickets so we can get on the train.
We took the train to The Public Garden. Hazel could not wait to get there. I had promised her a ride on the Swan Boats and to see the Make Way for Duckling statues. Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey is one of our favorite books and we feel so lucky to live near where the story takes place!

Pond in The Public Garden

We walked around the pond to the Swan Boats and got in line. We stopped on top of the bridge to check out the island and we stopped to check out all the mallards (including ducklings) all around the pond! After waiting a short bit in line, we got on the swan boat. One of the other passengers had brought bread and fed some of the ducks who followed us for a bit, but the passenger was informed by the driver that you are not suppose to feed the birds, so she stopped. A pair of swans live in the pond each summer. They are named Romeo and Juliette. I couldn't tell you which was which, but we saw both.

After the ride we walked over to the Make Way for Duckling statutes. Hazel could not see them at first, but then she saw them and asked to run to them. She had to first touch each one. Then she asked for a picture by each one. I think she got bored part way through of the pictures though.
Then we walked out of The Public Garden and went across the street to Boston Common (known around here as The Common). We were more walking through, but I wanted to show her the Frog Pond which had many kids playing in the water and sprinklers. Next to the Frog Pond there was a carousel set up, so Hazel and I went on it. It was the first time she wanted to go on one of the horses that went up and down so I held her. We also ran into a friend from our parent/child class this past year who also rode on the carousel.
Then we went to find a restaurant to have lunch. We had two requirements: a bathroom and some place to sit down inside. We found a burger place (after saying no to two places due to our requirements). It was good. We had mentioned possibly going to the aquarium. Hazel really wanted to go, so we did, even though we were all a bit tired. Our thoughts had been that the aquarium would be a good choice, since it is mostly indoors and air conditioned and it was hot. Also Hazel loves looking at the fish at the pet store, so I thought she would really enjoy it. Now, I should add that I have never been impressed with the New England Aquarium. I have always thought it was overpriced for what they offer, so if you are visiting Boston, it does not need to be on your must-see list.

Well once again I was disappointed. I was a bit shocked at how much it cost for the three of us to get in. The lines were very long to get in and then it was so overcrowded that it was hotter inside than outside and you really couldn't get close enough to see much. Plus the one spot we got close to the big round tank Hazel got scared of the sharks. Hazel enjoyed the jelly fish and the penguins, but by this point the crowd and heat were getting to us all and we were all very exhausted. We headed home. Oh, and if you are going to the aquarium in Boston, don't go in the summer. The clerk at the gift shop told me the prices are raised and it is always that crowded in the summer. She said it was much better in the fall once people are back at school. I was a bit surprised by this since I remember coming from Connecticut to go as a kid with school, but I don't remember it being so crowded then either.

We hopped back on the T (the subway) and went back home. Well we stopped for ice cream and then went home.

Now it is your turn to share how your family has spent some quality time lately.

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More Duck & Swan Crafts and a Gift

Well, we are at home with the fever that is going around. So we are doing some more crafts and resting. Today we finished up some duck and swan crafts we started yesterday and then Hazel did some painting. You may remember yesterday we discussed ducks and swans near us for spring. We talked about some of our favorite books about ducks and swans and shared a couple of crafts with paper plates. Today we did some pine cone swans and ducks. The idea came from Family Fun. I made a few changes. We used construction paper for the beaks since I didn't want to deal with breaking toothpicks.
Hazel's Ducks
Hazel got a bit bored with the details and didn't get her completely finished (no eyes or beaks) and she wouldn't let me help with the duckling so it didn't get done. We obviously changed the colors of the pipe cleaners and feathers to represent that they are ducks and not swans.
My Mallard Family
 Next we painted some egg cartons to make Easter egg holders into swans. The idea also came from Family Fun. They called them swans, but I think they look more like ducks. The white one I used a higher egg carton (it was higher in the middle bumps) so the swan neck would be longer. I threw in some plastic eggs we had sitting around from our decorating to show how they will look completed. Hazel helped paint them yesterday, but I finished them today with the eyes, beaks and feathers.

Yesterday, Hazel received a lovely package from Master D, her penpal in Australia. Master D is Kelly's son over at Happy Whimsical Hearts. Kelly makes the most beautiful wooden toys for her kids and we were lucky enough to receive a beautiful fairy door that she made (as well as some other goodies). Right away Hazel wanted to play with it. She first asked what it was. Then asked if the door could open so the fairy could get out of the house. Then I explained that it represented a fairy house and pulled out the flower fairies I made for her and we set up a house for them. She loved it.

We also took out the beautiful gnome that Master D sent Hazel for Christmas out to come to the fairy party. We decided we need a few more seats for the fairies though. And two took a nap.
Hazel absolutely loved it!! Thank you Master D and Kelly!! It gave us something to play with while Hazel is resting!!