Our Recent Doll Finds

I have not shared our doll finds lately and we have quite a few. We will start with our newest doll. Hazel really wanted to spend her Easter money on this doll at Target last week. She was on sale for $19.99 so I let her. Meet Ginger...

Ginger is an Our Generation Doll. Her box name is Olivia. Hazel named her ginger since her hair and eyes reminded her of the color ginger.

The next newest member to our doll family is Butter. Butter is a puppy that comes in a carrier. Hazel picked him out at Target as well. 

Hazel decided she and her Hazel doll would share Butter.
Although he is not sold as a doll dog, he was right next to the dolls. I think he was around $5.
Hazel and Ginger had a get to know you game of Hungry Hippo. The game was purchased at Walmart in the Easter area for under $2. It is not a great game to actually play since the marbles often get stuck and make it hard to operate, but it is perfect for the dolls. Unlike Hungry, Hungry Hippo game, it has a plastic cover keeping the marbles from being lost.
Another find at Walmart in the Easter section was some sand toys. The girls are all set to get outside and play in the sandbox now. This was under $1.
Michaels Crafts had these party favors which are perfect for playing detective or I Spy. 
The boxes have doll-size I Spy pamphlets in them.

Then we found this adorable mini paint set at Lakeshore Learning.
It is much nicer than our homemade one. Ginger did a bit of painting.

We also found a basketball stress doll at Lakeshore Learning (I believe). 
Also at Lakeshore Learning we found these adorable ice cream and popsicle erasers for 33 cents each. I bought a vanilla and strawberry cones and a fudgiscle and strawberry popsicle for Hazel's dolls.

At the Dollar Tree this month we found some small craft containers and vases (which use to be mini salt and pepper shakers). I also found the pink bandana there. We are using it as a table cloth but my plan is to make it into a dress for one of the dolls.

I found a Sophia's Lemonade set at Marshall's for a fraction of the other prices I have seen it for. Hazel wanted a lemonade stand like the one on the box, so we used a box (but I should have checked the height of it first). We never finished it since it is a bit too small. Hazel thinks the dolls can just sit down at it.

Our final find is not really cheap unless like me you use a coupon. We bought them at Michaels with a 50% off coupon. It is a Toobs from Safari Ltd. 
Some are not quite the right scale, but most are close. Plus I love teaching Hazel that her dolls need fruits and vegetables too!

So these are our doll finds this month. Have you found any good ones? 

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